December 9th, 2005

WIW - Marian

A Faga of Much Drama.

Networked printers are a pain in the eema. Especially when the network dies and they don't work.

I can't be bothered to retype, so I've copied it from the email I sent to Paul...

Ye Printing Faga

Sandra hands me a convening list to send out some invites as the Conference has been reconvened. Quite how she expects me to print them off is a different matter, since our printer has been b0rk since the network outage.

So, anyway, I have the bright idea of saving all of the bits I need to disc, taking it into the POs room and printing off on the non-used PC in there, as it has its own printer. Fine. Easy.

Except it does stupid things to documents and has made all the emboldened bits on the letters squashed together, for NO APPARENT REASON. Sigh. So I try to take the disc out to see if they're still the same on my comptuer (and being an idiot, had only saved them to that disc...) and it EATS the disc.

Right. So I come back to my desk and type them ALL AGAIN. And save them to another disc and ask Natasha nicely if I can use her printer instead, as she's nearly finished with it. Except this time, the disc refuses to load any of the documents and keeps hanging.

Okay. Cunning plan, think I - I shall save them to our shared directory! Except Natasha doesn't have access to that. Darnit. And, once more, I have only saved the docs. to a disc so have to retype them AGAIN! This time saving them to the shared directory and half-inching Amanda's computer to print off on HER printer. Which works fine, and I delete them from the shared directory...


...and then realise I meant to print off copies for the file as well. No problem, think I, I can photocopy them using the fax machine next door (for I am too lazy to go downstairs), except our fax machine is STUPID and feeds through 20 sheets at once, meaning I have to photocopy them all AGAIN on the right coloured paper.

Holy Hell's teeth on a bicycle. Can I go home yet?

So, that was fun.