December 12th, 2005

MH - take my hand - D/Y

I am alive, honest.

Wow, I don't update for three days and my friends-list explodes. Again.


Friday was... er, I don't remember. The usual, I suppose. There was an amusing moment on Thursday when we went out for a working lunch to a pub in Cape Hill that used to be a Wetherspoons and has since been taken over... we walked in and all the old men in there stopped talking. It was like a Western.

Saturday I got up ridiculously early to go to Essex and dlliver a coat to thefleshfailure. This went surprisingly well, the only hiccup being the insanely long queues for tickets at Victoria, as half of the ticket machines weren't working. Ditto for the change machines by the 20p-charge toilets. They have everything covered, but only when everything's working... After that it was pretty easy to find Hainault, and the journey back was easy as well.

I had to give a random foreigner some directions to Russel Square, and I remembered that he had to change at Green Park, which I was quite impressed about, considering it's been nearly a year since I was there. :)

I love the Underground more the longer I use it. I know if I lived in London I'd be fed up of it within about a week, but still. I just love it. There's something very... mysterious about it, I suppose. Something magical, to think there's an entire city built on top of miles of tunnels. I don't know...

Anyway, we watched Sparky's Magic Piano (wherein we gave it a live action cast - including Danny de Vito and Meryl Streep - and compared it to Tubby. No children's film is safe...), Pokémon: The First Movie and Pokémon 2000 (OMG Jessie & James are teH cutest!) and The Birdcage, since I didn't get to see all of it back in February. I also met her two cats, one hamster, and her mother.

Gat back to Brum at about 10.50, exhausted. But it was a good day, nonetheless.

Sunday was spent doing very little; watched 'Stenders (it's getting good in time for Christmas!) and series one of Monkey Dust ("HULLO! I'M BRIAN BLESSED!!") before going back to mine and catching the end of the Royal Variety Performance...

These coming two weeks are going to be mad.

Tonight: check we have ingredients for a cake. Find personal CD player, Christmas CDs and portable speakers. Make Christmas card list. Get David's present off Amazon. (Latter two done whilst at work.)
Tuesday: make cake. Put everything ready so I don't forget it.
Wednesday: work picnic lunch (hence cake) and start writing Christmas cards.
Thursday: go into town post-appointment to finish shopping. Sorry, only family and anyone I can think of things for are getting presents this year; I don't have the money or energy...
Friday: Christmas MGM.
Saturday: death. Please?

And at some point we need to put our tree up at home since it's not up yet due to nobody ever being there at the same time.

I want to sleep until February.

As for today, both Amanda and Cynthia are off sick. Wonderful.
Random - Trees

Christmas, and associated whinging.

Dear Yuletide,

frell you, and the elf-drawn sleigh you rode in on.



On the plus side, our tree's finally up, and the living room decorations have transformed, in one fell, tinselly swoop, from being tasteful winter wonderland to camp as... well, Christmas.  Also, my bedframe is now adorned with lilac translucent beads, but I may just leave those up anyway.

Meh, I have to make some CDs, but I don't have the energy. Might do those tomorrow after the cake's done, and wow, I'm so not in the mood for baking.  But I did manage to find the portable speakers for the CD player... I am still lacking the CD player itself, but I'm pretty sure that's around somewhere in here.

Some photos of the tree possibly coming later, if I can be bothered.

For future reference, I shall most likely be spending Christmas Eve wallowing in exhaustion and/or self-pity, unless anyone deigns to invite me out anywhere, then I might consider it.  December has been almost as bad as August on the emotional scale, so far (although, quite frankly, nothing compares to the awfulness of that...) and there's still half of it to go.  And it's only two weeks til Christmas, which has the potential to be enjoyable, bearable, or really bloody awful.  Quite frankly, I don't have the mental capacity to deal with all of the commercial crap at the moment, let alone the oceans of people everywhere... and wow, don't even get me started on the family stuff.  Seriously.  We're meant to be visiting my grandmother on Wednesday night and I'm absolutely dreading it...

If that wasn't enough, Aisha's rearranged a meal out for everyone (people I actually know this time...), including Gemma, which should be on the 23rd... so, yeah, that'll be fun, won't it?  And there's a Christmas MGM on the 16th that I'm pretty much 'obligated' to go to, despite the fact that the thought of being in a crowded, loud pub full of rowdy drunken people - whether they're friends or not - makes me want to buy a machete, just in case I need it...  I want to curl into a ball right now and sleep through until the spring.  If all the animals get to hibernate, why can't we?  It's not fair.

Oh, whatever.  I'll just shut the Hell up.