December 14th, 2005

Random - Eyes

11 days to go. Damn.

Well, I made the cake. I didn't have the time/energy/inspiration to do anything with it other than dribble chocolate fudge on it... that fudge is annoying, though, because it's meant to be swirlclable and all it does is sink. It tastes nice, however, so that's the main thing.

Also managed to find the CD player and the speakers, but not the adapter, so have brought in two sets of batteries in the vain hope they'll be enough to power the damn thing. Also brought a cassette of Christmas songs as well as the two CDs, as I remembered our radio had a tape-player in it.

Tonight, the four of us are going to visit my grandmother for dinner... this has the potential to be horrendous in various ways, so I'll either update with rantiness on the morrow, or not update for several days due to the brain-frell...

Tomorrow, after my appointment (which seems like I'll be having a lot to talk about; I had my doubts about her at first, but she's good. She saw through my self-protective/avoidance barrier in seconds...), as well as Friday, I must do the following.

~ get cards for mum, David, and Paul &
~ buy the rest of mum's present &
~ work's Secret Santa present &
~ black/white curling ribbon, if such exists.
~ ask if a specific shop does vouchers.
~ DO NOT BUY ANYTHING ELSE FOR SELF, NO MATTER HOW PRETTY IT IS! (I went back to Reveal yesterday for the red&black stripey jumper they had... which was lucky, as they'd knocked £3 off the price since the other week.)
~ buy a tonne of 1st class stamps.
~ write cards.
~ make CDs for Katie and pandorasblog, which isn't so much a Christmas present as a reply... sorry, I suck.
~ take some photos for a Secret Purpose.
~ work on/finish My Fair Lady fic. The basic idea is formed and the text is starting to coalesce, but it's all in a very random order and needs to be sorted out... which I am doing by hand, editing as I go, before retyping when it's due to be emailed. I was going to print it off, but she's more likely to get it for Christmas this way...

So, busy. Hence the other reason I'm not going to the MGM.