December 15th, 2005

Random - Oblivion wheels


My Christmas shopping is done and dusted.  And if it's not, I don't frelling care.  Okay?  Good.

So, I need a shower right now.  Tomorrow I'll do my Christmas cards, Saturday I'll probably try and post them (yes, including all those that need to go from the Post Office; the walk will do me good...), Sunday I'll just curl into a ball and sleep...

I might attempt to make a CD when I've had my shower, but we'll see.

Advice I will be providing after today's endeavours in town:

1. First-time shoppers at Lush require instructions, dammit.  It's a big confusing mass of soap and smellies.
2. £5.00 is an impossibly small amount of money with which to buy a decent present.  (I settled on some red Fair Trade earrings from Shared Earth and a Ma Bar of cocoa bubble-stuff from Lush, since all but Natasha in our office are mums...)
3. Bus drivers, please note: if you are stuck in traffic or attempting to move out from a bus stop, if you can't pull out, don't.  It only results in sharp braking and frayed nerves...
4. Clinton needs to learn that just because it's Christmas doesn't mean everyone wants sparkly/boring colours of curling ribbon.  Of course, it would help if I hadn't lost the bright yellow I bought in August...

Anyway.  Shower.