December 19th, 2005

Farscape - John&Aeryn - happiness

Proper update.

Okay. So, melodramatic whinings aside, here's a lowdown of the weekend.

On Friday night I finally got around to making the two CDs I intended to (though not the one I was intending for jackiesjottings, as that'll take more work...) and did an accompanying letter/lyrics for one of them, which pretty much took all night after I'd done covers and whatnot... which were quite possibly the most unoriginal covers ever (it's very difficult to turn the cover of Catatonia's Equally Cursed & Blessed into anything other than it is, but since I'd named the random mix on the end "Thoughtless", I just did a little thought bubble coming from the fox with the word in it...) so shouldn't have taken the amount of time that they did.

Things were going just fine until I decided to go to bed at around midnight... Collapse )

Anyway, after all of that, I finally sat down and finished my cards and wrapping, finally having lunch at 3.00 and watching the drama settle down a bit. Paul turned up shortly afterwards and we had another chat about things (luckily, I'd calmed down by then), then settled down to make a start on watching Farscape...


This continued into Sunday - after a break for the X-Factor repeats (why am I not surprised by that result...) and Eastenders - and we reached, um, the first one with Maldis, the title of which I can't quite remember. I'd forgotten how fomulaic the early episodes were, to be honest - the trouble with wandering into the series mid-arc is that the earlier, alien-of-the-week episodes are lost... though even with that formulaicness, there are hints of canon. We've already learnt within 6 or 7 episodes that Sebaceans lack the gland to regulate heat, that Luxans have hyper-rage, that Zhaan is a 9th level Delvian Pa'u and was once capable of great violence, etc., etc., etc.

Simply put, I'd forgotten how bloody wonderful it was. And that most of my favourite lines are from Aeryn, though my personal favourite so far has GOT to be from... er... red-people PK root-planting planet episode (meh...), when Aeryn has to do The Science Thing and complains that she had to "think really hard!" :)

So, with that ridiculously long update, I shall sign off and get back to work...
Cabaret - Maybe This Time

Before I go to bed

I have achieved an amazing amount of things tonight, all things considered... especially since I got about 5 hours of sleep last night due to a random coughing fit and Paul's phone making noises three times between 3.30 and 5.00am.  Bastard thing.

I have:

  • moved my stereo from one side of the room to the other so it's now nicely positioned on the shelves/bookcase/cubic thing;
  • tidied the shelves as a result so they're no longer full of crap;
  • moved the assorted, aforesaid crap around a bit so it at least looks tidy;
  • gone downstairs to help elevate the fridge-freezer;
  • moved my Farscape DVDs and re-writable CDs into a more accessible area;
  • piled up the Farscape videos in order of watchingness, to be moved back into the other room as they dwindle;
  • hoovered;
  • dusted, including the three inches of fluff behind the monitor;
  • cleaned my keyboard.  I'd actually forgotten what colour it was;
  • moved some other stuff around;
  • and generally tidied up.

Mmm, productivity. I guarantee the tidiness will last a grand total of one day.

So, stuff this week: tomorrow, attempt to get more hours in than I did today; Wednesday, Chinese Christmas lunch and possibly going out in the evening, not sure yet; Thursday, nowt; Friday, meeting up with Aisha, Crystal, Rachel and possibly Gemma at Bella Italia; Saturday, going out for drinks with falling_softly and whoever else deigns to turn up; Sunday, opening presents, etc.; Monday (Boxing Day), going to Paul's and then on to Kings Heath to cat-sit.  Beyond that, no idea... possibly ice-skating at some point. Hopefully.  I want a nice, quiet New Year's Eve so you'll have to find someone else's house to trash this year, I'm afraid.

Only marginally quieter than last week, then, really...