December 20th, 2005

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So, I was obviously tireder than I thought last night after I'd done all that tidying up. I woke up to my first three alarms, then managed to sleep through until 8.20, when I literally woke up, saw what time it was (thinking it was 7.20 instead), checked it properly and went "Shit!"

I was out of the house in 10 minutes. It's a shame I can't move that quickly on an ordinary morning, really...

I even got to work in an hour, because there was no traffic and the buses were being nice to me for a change. I can live with mornings like that.

Unfortunately, I still have to leave at about 4.45 today in order to get to the post office because I need to send stuff today for it to even get to people before 2006, let alone Christmas Day. Meh.

My My Fair Lady fic is coming along nicely and currently stands at just under 5000 words. :) I'll keep working on it this week and hopefully be able to email it on Sunday to the required person.

I love the sandwich shop by work. 58p for a giant sausage roll!

Also, the reason nobody can ever go on a diet in this office is because there's always chocolate, cake or biscuits lying around. There's still a quarter of my cake left from last week (seems to have gone down well after all), plus half a box of Cadbury's Heroes and another unopened one from Natasha, a couple of the biscuits left from Carol Wilkins, and a big box of Cadbury's biscuits, also from Natasha. So, no dieting happening in this office for the foreseeable.

Back to work, I guess.
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On 1st December 2005, I said:

My theory that TWM are in league with Satan was proven again today, though, by the fact that I - and, in fact, a bus load of people - had to endure the journey with some squawking, loud teenage girl at the back laughing like a foghorn with her friends.  For about 45 minutes, in traffic.  Journeys like that are little experiences of what Hell must be like, seriously.

Today, I had to endure another bus journey with the same frelling girl, though this time with less of her friends.  Before I turned Meatloaf up to drown her out, I heard her saying something like "They [the bus passengers] are probably all thinking 'oh no, it's the girl with the laugh again'."  Which, quite frankly, should be more than enough of a tip off that she should shut the fuck up.  Or at least learn to laugh more quietly.

Seriously. It's eardrum-splitting.  And she was in the seat behind me.  Once is bad enough; two journeys with this girl is more than I can stand.

Luckily, I just about made it to the post office, so everything's now sent off.  I could've left work slightly later if I'd known I'd be waiting 15 sodding minutes for a bus to turn up, so as a result I've managed about 6.5 hours today.  So much for building my flex back up.  Meh.

Anyway, I'm far too tired to think and my fingers are far too cold to type, so I'll... wait for the oven to be free, have my scampi and chips, have a bath/shower, and probably go to bed..