December 21st, 2005

Photo - leaves


I have changed my PC desktop/s today.  Not much of a change at work since all I can do is change the desktop, so it's now a door from Derby (on Friargate somewhere, between a chippy and an off-licence.)  My home PC is now a pumpkin, and the colour scheme is... aqua-esque.  Or some such.  I have also discovered, rather belatedly, the 'smooth screen fonts' function, and have done so accordingly.

This looks prettier on my TFT than on the CRT at work, I have to admit, and the blurriness is a little disconcerting at first, though does look better after a while...

Yes, I'm bored.  Can you tell?

Hello to my_own_mandate/little arithmetic, if you haven't disappeared out of LJ land already...

We had our Christmas lunch today at the Wing Wah in Erdington (mmmmm, their crispy duck is lovely...), which was nice.  £10.90 for all-you-can-eat, which is good because you can try a bit of everything... though I have to say, the crispy duck pwns all.  Though the lemon chicken's not bad, either, and the salmon was nice, too.  We did our Secret Santa - I ended up with a box of Ferrero Rocher from Liz H, and Sandra ended up with mine (again!).  I don't know whether she didn't like it or is just naturally graceless when it comes to giving thanks, but anyway.  The novelty of the Lush bubble-bar seemed to amuse her, at least...

Only two days to go.  Only two days to go.  Then I can sleep for 10 days.  10 glorious days.  This is what working full-time does to you.  You get excited about 10 days.  Hell, you get excited about 3 days, and those extra Bank Holidays?  Wow.  They're, like, the best thing since long weekends were invented.  So, yeah, I'm really quite glad it's nearly Christmas and I can have some time off work to recuperate and regain my sanity a bit.  With any luck, if money holds out, Paul and I should be going to London in February for a couple of days.  The Metro had a deal on tickets for Phantom for £25 and we both want to go again (hopefully without the melodramatics this time... :D), the matinee is on a Tuesday and so is Valentine's Day...  But yes, depends entirely on money, really.  We'll see.

This is how I keep sane in the present: looking to the future, no matter how far away that is.  In particular, looking to things that are definite, and imagining things that might be different so I can work towards them.  At the moment, I'm thinking in terms of "this time next year...".  Beacuse this time next year, things will be better.  They will.  And if they're not, there is no justice in the world in the slightest.

I'll be pondering more on such things when it comes to do my New Year's Resolutions.  Which I mostly failed to uphold this year, let it be noted... *eye-roll*

Anyhoo.  I think that's everything.  In quite a random mood, apparently.

ANNOUNCEMENT: (in case anyone missed it on frightened's and yoshi's journals already) We will be going to the Briar Rose on Christmas Eve from 4.00pm for drinks and general sociability, if people want to come.  Yes, it's a completely non-smoking pub.  Deal with it. :P