December 25th, 2005

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The long lost entry...

I found it!  I accidentally posted it to urban_decay.  Not entirely sure how I managed that, but anyway, if anyone's interested, here it is:

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Now that's sorted, a quick lowdown before I carry on checking my emails...

The meal on Friday was quite pleasant; Gemma didn't turn up in the end, and it was nice to catch up with Crystal.  Rachel's still Rachel, and we're both still different people, but it was nice anyway.  Went back to Paul's afterwards via Tesco to buy wine.

Woke up at about 7.30 on Saturday morning unable to breathe, took a cold tablet, and then managed to get a couple more hours of sleep after effectively killing off the cold germs.  Which was good.  We had breakfast, then went to mine so I could get ready to go out for drinks at the Briar... via Bearwood to get last-minute presents of Christmas cacti and lager glasses...

Time seemed to slow to a crawl by the evening; I was at the pub about 3 hours or so and it felt like a lot more... everyone left/arrived in drips and drabs and we both disappeared at 7.30ish.  And went off to find another pub that was quieter, as we were being antisocial in the Briar anyway due to being very tired.  The Old Joint Stock was just closing (at 8.30!) so we went to the Yard of Ale and were the only couple in there... we played Hangman on the ItBox for about 2 hours and won about £10 out of it... plus another £1 that we found stuck underneat the screen.  So that was nice. :)  I think we finally left about 11.00 or thereabouts.  Quite a pleasant evening.

Today: woke up feeling very very ill despite hardly drinking at all last night, with a headache.  I took a painkiller that didn't work, tried to take a cold tablet and couldn't because my gag reflex kicked in before the tablet even hit the back of my throat.  I was feeling far too ill to even finish the lovely scrambled-eggs-and-smoked-salmon that David made,  but had, at least, recovered enough to eat 95% of my huuuge Christmas dinner.

Presents this year were thoughtful, meaningful and very cool.  From what I can remember:

  • Charlie & the Chocolate Factory DVD (the box smells of chocolate!  No, seriously!) from David's parents.
  • new slippers
  • new pyjamas
  • slipper socks to match the pyjamas
  • lots of stuff framed by David: one of my embroideries of some dream catchers that I completed ages ago, and three prints I picked up at London Expo a few years back of Farscape, Moulin Rouge! and Nightmare Before Christmas
  • a Sleepy Hollow film cell display thing not unlike the Charlie one I got for my birthday
  • a framed Corpse Bride picture with some random cells in it
  • a star-shaped ornamental light from Ikea
  • an embroidery (cross-stitch) set of a stained-glass window depicting a rose, that I saw in Readicut months ago...
  • lots of chocolate
  • the most amazing clock in the world, for my bedroom, bought in France when they went through the Tunnel a few weeks back to buy booze, booze and more booze.  I can't describe it.  You'll have to wait for the photos, but it's absolutely gorgeous and I nearly cried when I saw it...
  • some black 'opium'-scented candles
  • a black pillar candle that melts red from the inside.  Which, oddly enough, I mentioned Mara getting for her birthday not 10 minutes before opening it...
  • a super-cool uber-gay rainbow-coloured Space Pen off Eni. :D
  • a Little Book of Dreams from jackiesjottings. :)
  • Chicago London soundtrack off Vicky (with Ruthie Henshall, yay!)
  • unicorn-shaped soap
  • various monetary things in the form of cheques and gift vouchers
  • probably some other bits I've forgotten

And, of course, the present-giving continues tomorrow, as Paul and I decamp to purrr3's house to catsit and have our own little Christmas...

We had pork and turkey for lunch/dinner.  I am absolutely stuffed.  We forced David to watch Nightmare Before Christmas (he fell asleep) and have spent the latter part of the evening watching the new Christmas Simpons and The Great British Christmas, full of annoying rich people and screaming children, which was... enlightening.

Right.  I think that's all there is to mention.  Back to the emails.  Next year I promise to be more organised and therefore more Christmas spirited, as I feel I've been rather a humbug this year, not to mention unoriginal with card greetings and presents.  Next year, as I keep saying, everything will be better.