December 26th, 2005

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Oh!  That was the other thing...

I've been saying for a while, after various incidents, that there is 'something' in this house.  We had a ghost cat at the previous house that got gradually more 'active' the closer we got to moving out.  Now, there's definitely something here, too.

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The two most recent incidents have been quite scary, and both have happened to my mother.  The first was about a month ago, but she's still not sure if it was a dream or if she was awake, because it was early in the morning and David was asleep so can't verify it.  Anyway, she woke up at about 3am (as she has been doing for a while, no idea why) and heard a noise in the bedroom on the other side of the bed that sounded like something moving on the bedside table or thereabouts.  She thought nothing of that.  Then she felt someone/something grab onto the duvet and her arm, really tightly.  She was trying to scream and couldn't make any sound, and was kicking David to wake him up but he just rolled over.  And then it just stopped, and she remembers being 'awake' all of a sudden.  Very odd.

But the one that happened last night is the best/worst yet.  If it had been me, I wouldn't have slept ever.  About 6.30 this morning, she woke up to go to the loo, and decided to put the little presents in my stocking at the same time (I know I'm 24, shut up, it's traditional.)  She was going to go upstairs with the lights off (usually, turning the light on wakes me up, as all of our doors have little windows above them), but then she heard a noise.

Her first thought was that it was me, throwing up again (I was ill on Wednesday and also a couple of weeks ago, so this was logical) or that it was the kids next door... except it definitely sounded like it was upstairs.  And then... she heard what sounded like someone sobbing.  This time, her first thought was "shit, she's broken up with Paul", because it sounded like I was sitting on the top step, talking on the phone and crying, even though the words weren't distinct.

She literally dropped the bag of presents right there, and turned on the light to go upstairs.  As soon as the light was on, the noise stopped.  I remember her opening my door (the things hanging on the door handle hit the door and woke me up) and standing in there for a while, because obviously, I was asleep.  I remember thinking at the time that she was maybe checking I got back okay because she was asleep when I did, and then I remember her coming in again a bit later on, which she said she did, just to double-check... then went downstairs.  David was awake and trying to get her to tell him what had happened and she was just completely baffled.

It's all a bit bizarre, to say the least.  Especially since it's only apparently capable of mimicking things - the typing, the gasp, and also the sobbing, as that's what I was doing a couple of weeks ago on MGM-night, whilst muttering to myself...  The dream/not-dream bed-grabbing is just plain freaky.  Whatever it is, it's getting more vocal.  So either we have a female ghost that's trying to get our attention, or my mum's going insane... which isn't that likely because I've heard things as well.  Admittedly, there has been a lot of angst flying around the house of late, mostly mine, but... gah, it's all just weird.  If I didn't think I'd conjure something horrible I'd do a ouija board, but I know for a fact it would only serve to terrify me...

Anyone know a medium? :)