December 28th, 2005

Photo - leaves

Ahhh, time off work...

Brief update of the past couple of days.

Boxing Day, I got a lift to Paul's, laden down with various bags of stuff,  so that his mum could meet mine.  Then we both got a lift to Jenny's so we could catsit.  The house in which her flat is situated is deceptively huge...

Pictures coming of the cats later when I've uploaded 'em.  She has two boycats (Arthur and Gandalf, though we hardly saw the latter) and one girlcat, Merlin, who is grey and very fluffy.  I discovered that antihistamines do, in fact, work on my cat allergy, as my eyes didn't flare up even once.

I want a kitty again. :(

We opened presents; to add to the list, I now have:

  • the blue, handbag-shaped perfume from Anna Sui, off Paul's mum (can't remember what it's actually called)
  • two lovely bags from the German market off Paul
  • more random hangy things from the 98p Chinese shop
  • about a mile of chocolate fingers from my nan, which we devoured over the course of the weekend
  • a Pirates of the Caribbean calendar and a book on writing from Katie, this morning

Paul liked his flavoured vodka from mum and David, so we're saving that til New Year's Eve, which will hopefully be spent quietly getting drunk...

We watched all of series one of The Mighty Boosh... I'm still not entirely sure what to make of it other than the fact that Vince is pretty and Naboo has a terrifyingly wide face... I think possibly having seen series 2 beforehand made it even more confusing.  Anyway, that was fun.  We had reheated pork and turkey plus trimmings, and I managed to cook myself a parsnip from scratch without incinerating it.  Go me.

Went to bed about 1.30ish after the remnants of the bottle of wine I opened on Christmas Day.

Tuesday was spent in a muchly similar fashion, after getting up about 12 hours later, though I was in a grumpy mood for some reason.  Not sure why.  We tried to get the video to work to watch Ant and Dec from Christmas Eve, but failed, and ended up watching the DVD of Sin City again.  Haven't gotten around to watching Charlie yet but that's going to be my next layout... watch this space. :)

Jen got back just before 10.00 or thereabouts and gave us a lift back, via the chippy.  Today Paul was ill (I gave him my cold...) so has sicked off work, and as a result we managed to sleep in until about 12.00 again.  I'd forgotten how exhausting just sleeping was, and it's a completely different sort of tired to my usual tiredness.  Ah, well.

I shall now make some lunch/dinner and watch television for a bit.