December 29th, 2005

Photo - leaves

Memely memely mustard.

Ahhh, a glorious day of doing nothing.  And even in the nothing, I have achieved something.

Take last night, for example.  I did my washing, all two weeks' worth (Christmas distracted me from doing it the week before), and cooked myself dinner, and did my washing up.  And I made a start on my embroidery, too.

And today, despite going to sleep at about 2.00am, I was still up by 11.00.  Woke up at 9.00 and nodded off again for another hour, then read about 7 chapters of The Da Vinci Code (can't... put it... down...) before getting up.

On that note - Christ, it's cold today.  The lack of central heating in this house is made more obvious on days like this, though luckily we have enough portable heaters to make a difference, so my room and the living room are both toasty warm now... as opposed to the kitchen, which is still frelling freezing.

Paul is popping over later to stay until Saturday, when we're going over to his for New Year's/his birthday.  Back to work on Tuesday, ho hum.  Hopefully, with the bank holiday on Monday I can easily build a bit of flex next week to cover my appalling hours last week.  I really don't want to check my clock card when I'm back...

I'll do some New Year's Resolutions at some point when I've thought about them a bit more...

A few little things are bugging me at the moment, but I'm in a day-off-good-mood, so I won't let them get to me and won't bore you with them.

Instead, here's a pretty meme.

Below the cut are screenshots from some of my favourite movies; you have to guess the movies.  To give you a hand, most of them are in my LJ interests list, with a few that aren't to add variety.

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Most of them are quite predictable, but some of them are slightly less so. Have fun...