January 5th, 2006

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2005 in review is coming soooon, I promise.  I just can't be bothered to trawl through all of last year's posts right now.  I do want to do a review of the year, though, just because it's been so up and down... I want to see where the peaks and troughs were.

Anyway.  As promised some time ago, here are some Christmas photos of Collapse )

Today, I put a small hole in my Christmas money... I went to the big new Matalan in Cape Hill to find a new black cardigan.  I got a wide, turquoise belt to wear with all my trousers that don't have belt loops (specifically my all-purpose black ones), and found (then put back) some nice black/grey tweed trousers, which looked nice but were far, far too warm.  I managed to find a cardigan as well.  Of course, being me, I found a big gay rainbow one with silver glitter knitted into it.  Collapse )

Yeah, there's a picture of Orlando Spoon Bloom behind me; blame Katie for sending me a Pirates of the Caribbean calendar.  At least he's making an expression... er, I think.  Unfortunately, January is Will Turner month.  I am reliably informed by the back cover that about 80% of the year is Jack Sparrow-centric. :)

More weirdness earlier whilst getting stuff out of the upstairs cupboard to put the tree and stuff away, incidentally.  One of the music boxes on the shelf suddenly started singing at us; it's a ceramic one of the Snowman that sings the theme song, and you have to move a little metal arm to make it work.  I'd accidentally hit the free-standing shelves on the other wall but they're nowhere near the one the music box is on, and the box itself is far enough away from where we were standing that neither of us could have moved it.  There's something in the house, and it seems to like the top landing.  Which just goes to prove I was right, because I've never liked that landing at night. :P
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However, I have just discovered that my website doesn't work.  The account has apparently expired, even though I paid them in full about two weeks ago and everything on my account at the site is telling me I'm paid up.  I'm hoping it's just a glitch.  I'm pretty sure it was working the other day because my mood icons were all showing up.  Meh. I mean, I have all the main pages saved to my hard drive, but that's beside the point, rather.

Edit 19.58: Automated response came through telling me to visit the payments page. Which I did. AND IT SAYS I'VE PAID FOR EVERYTHING! I have the email from them to say "payment received", the money has left my account, the invoice also says "PAID" on it. Someone made a mistake. I wonder how many more times I get to reply to the automated response before someone actually pays attention...?

Edit 20.33: Got an actual response; apparently I registered the domain with my old another.com email address and then the hosting with the new one. Except my another.com account has expired and I can't log in with it (and can't get the password emailed to me, either, because I can't access it) so now I'm sort of stuck. But at least their helping people are actually helpful.

Edit 21.38: Sorted! The very nice helpdesk person moved the domain account to the current email address so it's now all paid for. Panic over. I'm definitely going to leave them some nice feedback. :)