January 10th, 2006

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So. Nice weekend and a little bit of drama.

Friday: was meant to go to Paul Carr's birthday/leaving do at Reflex/Flares, but for some reason from about 3.00pm onwards I could barely keep my eyes open. I met Paul in Pij after work and went back to his for food, then we headed out again... popped into Scruffy Duffy's for a bit (it's like an up-market Flapper, without the atmosphere...) and stuck our heads into Reflex but nobody seemed to be there, so we went home.

I remember sitting in the lounge watching something, but that's all. I was really quite ridiculously tired.

Saturday we slept until about 1.00pm, in my case because I was still exhausted from Friday. Quite surreal. We spent the rest of the day doing entirely separate activities in the same room, which was interesting... and discovered at about 8.30 that my mum and David had disappeared without a trace.

I was immediately struck with a feeling of impending doom, despite Paul telling me I was just being paranoid, especially when I rang her mobile three times to have it ring out to voicemail, then got a text which I didn't like the look of one bit. Don't ask me how I could tell the tone of voice; I just could.

Anyway, we ate and watched Anchorman and some of The Fisher King before nodding off again.

Sunday, they went to Ikea, we watched 'Stenders (amazing what you can miss in a week...) and the extras on the C&tCF DVD (so cooool!), and... played games on my computer because AOL was being stupid and refusing to connect. I hope it's okay; I didn't get a chance to check it last night.

Monday morning, my mum finally told me what was wrong on Saturday, which was basically that we hadn't popper our heads around the door and she hadn't seen us all day... which was true, but didn't really warrant the guilt trip I had thrown at me in the car on the way to the bus stop, so that put me in a horrible mood for most of the day. There was going to be a ranty, angsty post here yesterday, but by lunchtime I'd mellowed again and couldn't be bothered.

Oh, yeah, re: that sentence I mentioned yesterday: the entry in question is here, though I've since deleted the passage. You can read the comments, though.

Left work about 5.15, and my 5.35 train was delayed by a couple of minutes... as it transpired, I got in at the same time as David and managed to get a lift, so we all went to Asda, I ended up cooking tea somehow, and we sat down to watch Paul McKenna Will Make You Thin. He has some very sensible ideas, so I may try it and see... It sounds like my kind of diet: eat what you want, when you're hungry... the other two golden rules being 'stop when you're full' and 'slow down' - put the cutlery down between each bite of food, rather than shovelling it into your mouth. Makes sense, no?

Then we ended up watching A Life Coach Less Ordinary, and both of the women who they were 'treating' sounded exactly like me in what they were saying about themselves...

Went to bed, and finished The Da Vinci Code. I'm quite excited about the film now, though it's going to be no mean feat getting in all of the information the book bombards at you, though I have a suspicion they'll just... not bother. It should be intersting, anyway. Did I read on the trailer that it's got Audrey Tatou (Amélie) in it, or did my brain make that up?

So, yes. Tonight we're going sale shopping. The Debenhams sale ends tonight (not on Thursday, when there's late night opening and people can actually frelling well GO there, obviously) and I need to get my yearly new trainers from Skechers. Mmm, stuff. Except I'm not really in a sale-rack-hunting mood right now, so will probably come back with nothing. We'll see.

Better do some work, I suppose.

PS: I'm going to keep posting this at the end of every entry. If I have received no replies by the end of January, I'll be booking tickets for the four definites (me, mum, David [whether he likes it or not] and Paul) and everyone else can sort it out on their own. So: