January 11th, 2006

Photo - leaves


Went sale shopping last night, because Debenham's had a big sale on. Except, really, I wasn't in the mood for all the hassle of going through sale racks, especially since I seem to have lost my knack of homing in on the one, perfect thing that just happens to be in my size.

Anyway, I did manage to get some new trainers, and was then very naughty and got a skirt from Per Una at M&S... except their website sucks and I left the disc at home with the photo on it, so no photo yet. It's khaki tartan, asymmetrical, with three layers (two tartan, one slightly darker, and one mesh underneath) and a rouched bit at the side that pulls up... basically, it's a Victorian-era whore skirt, ankle length at one side and then just under knee length at the other.

The picture will explain better. Stupid M&S website. I suspect it's a brand new arrival that hasn't made it online yet.

So, both of those set me back £45 each (they're cheaper in America, too. Unsurprisingly.), and I once again learnt the joys of being a shoe-size 4.5 and a clothing size 13. Which, obviously, doesn't exist. I need to lose weight anyway; half of my frelling jeans don't fit.

So, yeah.

I'm very tired this morning... still having trouble getting to sleep at night even though I'm always sleepy, which is annoying. Luckily David was off today and I was leaving as he came back from taking my mum to work, so I blagged a lift. Ticket office was closed, had to get a Permit to Travel, blah blah blah. But I have a bottle of Mango Tango, so that makes it all okay.

Oh, yes, our internet isn't working. Well, the modem is working, but AOL is being a moron again and refusing to find the signal... the current suspicion is that David's been messing with things he doesn't understand, like blokes do, and has done something to the connection. His computer's next to useless but the CD-writer's faster, and my mum's is the one that controls the network and hence the one he also uses to get online with.

And this, dear friends, is why I am very protective of anyone touching my computer without prior permission. Luckily, because it's so slow, nobody ever wants to, even though it probably works better than the other two. :D (I will upgrade soon. I will.)

Right, best do some work, I suppose...

Oh, yeah, I forgot: I started reading The World According to Garp last night, which is quite good. I saw the film adaptation many moons ago and only remember the presence of Robin Williams, though reading the summary of the book reminded me of more.