January 14th, 2006

Cabaret - Mein Herr

Today's entry is embroidery flavoured.

Since that's about all I've done today, really.

Got up at about 10.00ish after sitting in bed writing up my freakish dream (coming later, filtered as usual), had some breakfast and then went into town to swap my trainers for the smaller size.  They fit a lot better now, so that's good.  I'll wear them out tomorrow to properly see, though...  Also popped into the Works hoping to get a book I'd seen before Christmas, but there were none left.  I picked up The Book of Witches for my mum, which looks quite interesting and also features Willow Rosenburg and Hermione Granger within its pages alongside the Charmed Ones, Glenda, the Blair Witch, and lots more.  I also got a calendar half-price from the calendar stall in the Pallasades, full of mad retro pictures with silly captions; the theme is "You call me a bitch like it's a bad thing", which about sums up most of the content... it's more amusing for the ridiculously chirpy expressions on the women's faces.  I completely failed in my mission to find a new watering can for the indoor plants, though.

I popped into  Beatties, as it was their last day today.  Apparently Rackham's bought them out.  But honestly, you have to question the sanity of opening a department store a few feet from House of Fraser, which has been there donkey's years.  (How long is a donkey year, anyway?)  At least Debenham's and Selfridges are bit further out.  And at least House of Fraser isn't evil and smelling of fish and shaped like a deformed golfball.  There was nothing in Beatties, though, and the ground floor was completely empty except for a few kids' games.  Quite surreal.

Digbeth in the rain is utterly lovely.

The rest of the day has been spent working on my embroidery.  Only two major fuck-ups so far, which is a record.  Embroidery is good.  Addictive, yet calming.  My next mission is to go through the box of all the unfinished/unstarted embroidery kits we've accumulated over the years to get started on them.  Most of them are too small for my mum to see so I might as well do them.

Going to see Paul tomorrow at about 5.00, so will probably have the lurgy by morning.  Ah, well.  I don't care.

Steak for tea. :D  Now I'm going to play Snood a bit more and think about whether or not to pay the $19.99 to register it...
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Okay.  Can anyone hazard a guess to where I might have stashed away seven passport-sized photographs?  I need one for my CentroCard form and it took me about six months to find them the last time...

This is infuriating.  I can see them, I just can't find them.

Edit, 21.44: Never mind. I found 'em. I'd conscienciously 'tidied' them into a carrier bag of miscellaneous junk under my bed. I really need to stop putting all of my junk into carrier bags and actually sorting it out...
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