January 18th, 2006

Random - Eyes

See BeX.  See BeX sit.  See BeX fall over dead.


We did the majority of the moving of things today, which resulted in a more spacious office and a nice, empty Railex cabinet, though it'll be even emptier when we get a new one... assuming they let us have one.  Productivity = good.  But still.  OW.  My legs feel like they've been squashed by a large object, and my back will definitely be murdering me tomorrow, plus I have an interesting bruise on the knuckle of my right little finger.

So, here's what we all did today.  Cynthia, Amanda and I moved furniture - two desks, two sets of drawers, the fridge, the Railex.  Amanda and I emptied the Railex pre-moving.  We have vaccuumed the dusty corners.  I have rearranged and tidied my desk.  Cynthia did some shredding and some sorting of files.  I set up Sandra's CPU for her, and also the spare one which has now moved into 'supervisor's corner' (heh) so that Tina H will be able to use it if she so desires, assuming it's all set up and intranet-ready since it was the one the temps always used...  We discovered a door behind the Railex, thought we'd uncovered a Secret Cupboard, and it turned out to lead into the corridor. :(  I have spent three hours sorting out the 2005 de-registration files into the cabinet, resulting in aforesaid bruise and leg pains, due to them being on the bottom two shelves.

And while we have been doing all of this, what has Sandra been doing?  Shredding.  Downstairs.  ALL DAY.

Only to come back up at lunchtime when Cynthia had gone home, Amanda had gone out for well-deserved fresh air, and I was eating my lunch and waiting for the pain to stop, and proclaim, "What's all this shit on my desk?" - which Amanda explained had been on her desk in the first place, and turned out to be a convening list that she was meant to do which she gave to me, and which I gave back to Cynthia a few days ago for some reason, so then the so-called 'shit' ended up on my desk again.  As usual.

Yeah, hello?  This desk here?  MY DESK.  Personal space.  Learn this, and I won't start muttering obscenities under my breath.  My desk may be messy by most people's standards, but I know where everything is, and I don't appreciate things being dumped on top of my keyboard when I have two clearly labelled in trays.

Other than that, it was an otherwise pleasant morning.  I changed the radio to Kerrang when I was on my own and nobody seems to have noticed yet, so hopefully I'll get to listen to some decent music for a while instead of bloody Galaxy all the time.

Yeah.  I go die now.