January 19th, 2006

WIW - Marian


My left leg is absolutely killing me, and as a result I've been walking like Charlie Chaplin all frelling day...

...but on the plus side, I got home in 50 minutes because the bus wasn't stupid for once (which more than makes up for the annoying delays on BOTH buses this morning and EVERYTHING yesterday).

Tomorrow night will be briefly spent at the Hill for as long as I can bear without killing people; Saturday we're having dinner at Tor's (Paul's mate) house; Sunday my grandmother and uncle are coming over for Sunday lunch, courtesy of David, even though everywhere is still a shambles.

I think I forgot to explain about the latest shambles.  Basically, we bought a dishwasher, but it doesn't fit in the kitchen, so instead, the washing machine and tumble-dryer are now going into the downstairs toilet room, which has involved ripping out the central heating that we don't use to free up the cupboard.  In all fairness to David, he did it in about three days and it looks pretty good, plus that and the shelving in my room has used up the mistakenly-bought, wrongly-sized cupboard doors that were originally on the front of the fridge/freezer.  The main glitch, however, is that we can't actually fit six people around the dining table in the kitchen due to the piano being in the way, so we're having to take it apart and put it upstairs in the living room.

But we're having lamb, so yay. :D

That's about it, I think...