January 20th, 2006

Photo - leaves


I'm sure nobody actually cares either way, but anyway:

I will not be going to the Hill tonight.

Mostly because I have too many reasons to utterly loathe the place, and despite showing willing and trying to at least be marginally sociable, I can't overcome those reasons.

I fear it's become something of a self-fulfilling prophesy; whenever there's an MGM or mini-MGM there I hear horror stories of "What Yoshi Did", or someone starts stirring shit between us, or I generally feel horrible the entire time I'm there, and quite frankly I can't be doing with it.

It's pleasant enough on a Saturday afternoon, just before the football hooligans come in (football in pubs annoys me anyway because it just takes over and you can't have a quiet drink), but on a Friday evening it becomes a Hellish mass of bodies.

So I fear that if I do go tonight, at least one person will end up dead, or severely injured.

I also realise this sounds decidedly hypocritical, considering the first of my birthday drinking nights was there, but really, I just did that to appease the masses and keep the peace.

So yeah. Many Happy Returns to metalmikey666, anyway, and I'll most likely see everyone on the 27th.