January 24th, 2006

Random - Trees

I suppose I should update.

At least I'm updating more than yoshi. :P Didn't do an update yesterday because... well, I couldn't be arsed, really. Since working on my embroidery and actually watching some of my DVDs, I'm finally realising that my life does not revolve around LJ.


I stayed in until 9.00, when I headed off into town to meet Paul after metalmikey666's birthday do at the Hill. Since I was about 20 minutes early I stuck my head in for a bit, and was reminded why I loathe the place... but anyway, at least I showed some willing and said hello to some people (though by then, only Laura, Mikey, Lod and the Jos remained, as far as I can remember...)

Headed back to Paul's and watched My Name Is Earl, then went to bed...

Had a late breakfast, and watched... er, some movies. I honestly don't remember which. Oh, wait, the second one was Free Enterprise, which was about two Trekkies meeting William Shatner and realising he was, in fact, an egotistical nutter... quite entertaining. One of them was Eric McCormack (Will from Will & Grace) which made it funnier than it should have been.

Oh, that was it, we watched Akira, because the last time I'd seen it was after falling_softly's 21st birthday party, at about 1.00am, whilst drunk, and it seemed to be about 5 hours long and end about 17 times. It makes only marginally more sense when sober.

After that we headed out to Tor's for dinner, stopping en route to buy a bottle of wine and a lottery ticket (still didn't win) and going into a local pub to kill time. The place's reputation as a local dive wasn't helped in the silghtest by the empty Special Brew can lying under our table...

Tor had cooked us homemade pizza, which was very very nice. She and Dave have a Staffs. Terrier called Stella, who is mad and affectionate and JUMPS on you, and who spent most of the night lying on people, grunting. Their cat is understandably traumatised.

Headed back to mine after that, and went straight to bed because it was cold.

My grandmother and uncle came around for lunch, and we had to move the dining table up into the living room and added the piano stool and my desk chair to fit six people around it. We had a very nice leg of lamb (I have some for my lunch today) with all the trimmings, and my mum showed them the holiday photos from when she and David went to Turkey last year, before they finally went home.

The rest of the evening was spent messing about on Snood, and 'helping' with a jigsaw puzzle in the lounge, which eventually ended in taking over the thing entirely and planning tactical manouevres... Quite sedate, really.

Work was about the same as usual, really. Came home, ate, sat and did some embroidering, rang Paul, did some more, did some jigsaw, watched Paul McKenna...

A bit of drama at about 10.30, though. They realised Saw was on and decided to record it, and... well, then it all got a bit mad.

A while ago, David went and bought a DVD recorder without prior consultation with either of us (as he frequently does with big purchases), mainly because I wanted to put all my videos onto DVD, although that's now going to be very difficult. Anyway, there was a disc in the machine from Saturday night, when my mum had recorded a musicals programme off the BBC with Ruthie Henshall in it (which, incidentally, Vicky texted me about but I couldn't watch at the time) and before they did anything - after an argument about what mode to record the damn thing in, which resulted in David using a "you idiot" tone of voice by accident - she wanted him to protect it so it wouldn't get over-written.

So, she got the manual out, because that's what women do. Meanwhile, David started pressing buttons at random, because that's what men do. Or rather, that's what blokes do.

The end result, he managed to delete the thing we wanted protecting, then stormed off in a huff and apparently didn't say a word for the rest of the night. He did apologise this morning, though.

Honestly. What is it about men that they can't just read the frelling instructions?

So, anyway, I have absolutely nothing to do today. Literally. None of the Chairs are in, either. Looks like I'll be shredding, then.
Buffy - sanity

AOL hates me.

But luckily, the feeling is quite mutual at the moment.

eBay.co.uk has worked perfectly well from home before now, or so I am led to believe, until the day when I acutally want t frelling well buy something and then it plainly refuses to load the bidding page.

(Voyager seasons 1-7 are currently at £92, y'see...)

Screw this, I'm going to spend money on Amazon.

AOL, if I ever meet you or any of your staff, I will personally stab you to death with a rusty spork.  You bastard.