January 25th, 2006

Random - Trees


(Another one for currahee. :P)

It's a bit nippy out there (and in here), isn't it? But luckily enough, I got a lift in today... :)

We're having a team lunch later - literally; Tina H is coming and letting us take it as a half-hour break rather than the two hours it'll actually be.

I'm a bit bored at work at the moment. The sum total of my workload yesterday included - literally - shredding. And then practicing my typing accuracy by doing some overtyping. Because yes, I was that bored. The good thing was I got to spend the majority of the day downstairs in the admin office, and they're all completely mad. The atmosphere's a lot more relaxed down there, and there was hardly any of them in so it was fairly quiet.

This morning I have a set of invite letters to do, which'll take me all of fifteen minutes... maybe half an hour if I type slowly. Luckily, Natasha is in today so I might get some typing later, hopefully. If not - back to the overtyping, I guess. At least it looks vaguely like I'm doing work... This is the other reason I'm half-tempted to offer to work both here and SHAO on a 2.5-day-each-way basis, if only to let the work accumulate here (the main reason being to get away from Sandra for a couple of days)... but honestly, I'm not getting paid enough. :P

There may be a list coming soon of all the things I intensely dislike about that woman coming soon, so be warned...

Ho hum. Booooored. Cooooold. Soooooup.

(PS: Anyone know why Naomi's journal was suspended [last_dance]? I thought she'd just deleted it but the blurb on the journal says it's been suspended. On a similar note, does anyone know if I've done something to offend her in any way? She didn't even let me know she was back in Birmingham a few weeks ago... but I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised. Nobody ever tells me anything.)

Oy. I'll find something to do...