January 26th, 2006

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I'm not getting paid enough for this (part 1)

So. It looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me. We decided to help Shafiq with his backlog of outstanding minutes to get him out of trouble... which has resulted in me having to go through his filing cabinet to find the overdue paperwork (about 25 sets, by the looks of things). The next stage is to make a list of them all so that Cynthia can help to prioritise them, and go to photocopy his notebooks to get the minutes for typing.

This is going to take days. If I wasn't so proud, I'd request help from a temp. :P

But hopefully I may be able to get in lots of overtime and gain a flex day. Hopefully. Assuming I don't die of exhaustion. In any case, I have five days of annual leave to use up before April, so I'll be taking a well-deserved week off at some point.

Well, I'm going to Matalan tonight for some retail therapy. :D

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And on that introspective note, I need the loo. And then I'll get working on that backlog, because it's ogling me from the desk in the corner.
Photo - leaves

Pretty Little Things.

After collating, it turns out there are 30 sets of minutes.  They don't look to be too bad/illegible, though, so I'm hoping they won't take me that long.  It'll just be frelling tedious...

Anyway, this is mostly a photopost.  Whilst I could rant about the fact that I was waiting 45 minutes for a bus that's meant to be ever 20 this morning, I won't, because it's boring.  TWM will get their comeuppance at the Apocalypse, mark my words.

I went to Matalan today, and spent £81 that I shouldn't have done... but the good thing about Matalan is I get a heck of a lot for that amount of money. :D  Before I post those pictures, though, I'd completely forgotten about these two from the weekend:

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Okay, and here's the purchases from this evening, as a result of which I will need to have another clear out of shoes, tops, trousers and general otherness.  Not to be confused with Otherness, which is something else entirely more complicated...

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That's me done for a while, at least.

Hurry up and cook, food.