February 1st, 2006

Buffy - The Four

Friends Filters.

I rejigged my friends filters a bit because they were getting too confusing.

So, the 'public' ones (i.e. ones that aren't just for my own benefit) are as follows under the cut. If you want to be included/taken off any of them, leave a comment and I'll consider it.

Collapse )

If you're not on a list, it's not because I don't like you. ;) It's just because I don't know you as well as someone else and don't want to subject you to my personal/fandom/unconscious ramblings.

I also have a filter with all the Inliners on it in case of, like, announcements or something. Ones that nobody outside of Inline would be interested in, at least.

That is all.
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Something cryptic for you.

Before I forget to post this for the seventeenth time...

This was a little exchange from a comment tennis with Paul just before the New Year, and I keep meaning to put it here for posterity and to see if people can guess what we're talking about.

Paul: He knows. He always knows... or so he says...
Me: Yeah, but he doesn't actually know, does he? And then it transpires that he doesn't like it.

Who dat?
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