February 3rd, 2006

MH - Worshipped & Adored by Many

This morning.

Right, well, after negotiations I have asked my parental body very nicely if she'll bid on teH hat for me. There are two days left on it and currently only one bid, and the shipping for the UK would be $12.00... which isn't that bad, and it makes a nice change to have them even ship beyond the USA... (especially after the fiasco trying to get hold of that Willy Wonka coat.)

I came into work this morning to find an envelope from GCH's typist, containing some Asylum Team minutes that Maxine wants me to type. This is the stuff, if you recall, that is now "the responsibility of the All Saints typist".

Considering that I was not consulted or even told about this decision (since I wasn't on Tina R's emailing list), I'm incredibly tempted to just ignore them. They're certainly not getting frelling prioritised, and I don't care that the "at the latest" required date is Tuesday. My priority is Ladywood, thank you very much.

Bah. Tina H hasn't emailed us (except a generic one about a new shared directory) or phoned us since Friday. I suspect she may be avoiding us...