February 6th, 2006

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I was going to do this earlier in the month and forgot because I'm rubbish, but nevertheless...

If you want to come to see Rocky Horror at the Alexandra this year, please email me.

The party so far includes:

My mum
David (all definites)
rubytitania (not sure if they're definites)

I am willing to book tickets for a large group, under the following conditions:

1. Everyone pays me promptly, preferably by cheque.
2. Everyone is absolutely sure they want to come and nobody's going to pull out at the last minute.
3. In the event of the above, make sure someone else can use the ticket.  Because otherwise, it's a waste of money, and we can't get refunds.
4. Everyone is prepared to come in costume.  I am very strict on this.  I don't care if you're a Rocky virgin; I may consider a pre-show viewing of the film if anyone's absolutely stuck and/or petrified by this concept and if the numbers are small enough to accommodate, but large enough to warrant it.  I'm not really keen on lending out my DVD.
5. By costume, I obviously mean Rocky-related.  Not, like, a pirate or something.
6. Everyone is certain they can actually attend the date I will provide below.

We'll be going on the first night of the tour in Birmingham, which is TUESDAY 2ND MAY 2006.  This is mostly because it's traditional, and because there used to be a good chance Richard O'Brien would turn up on the first/second night/s.  Not sure if that's still true, but it's worth a try.

A stage door lurk at the end of the night will be optional for those who want to get autographs.  There's usually someone good playing the Narrator, at least.

Yes, I will be going for the best seats I can get.  This will be expensive, so no whinging when it comes to paying up.

And yes, there will be photographs of everyone in their costumes.

If you want to come, e-mail me by the end of this week.  teylaminh at yahoo dot co do you-kay.  I was going to email everyone who'd expressed an interest, but this is probably quicker.  If you think someone hasn't checked their LJ, by all means let them know.


If you haven't emailed me by the end of the week and you want to go, tough shit.  I'll be getting the tickets on Monday lunchtime or after work, so you technically have until then.  I'm not prepared to wait around for people, and I hate trying to organise things at the best of times because, quite frankly, I don't need the stress of it all.  So if you're not going with me and mine, organise it yourselves.

In other news, I wish LJ would sort out the custom mood theme glitch and gimme me pictures back. :(

Also, I got about three dirty looks off Sandra today for no good reason, but I can't be bothered to rant about that.  I did 39.11 hours last week, so it's hardly surprising I was exhausted all weekend.  I finished Shafiq's backlog this morning and then found out there's 2-3 more lurking somewhere that need doing.  I've also still got those Asylum Team minutes to do (the deadline is tomorrow - er, not going to happen, and Maxine can bitch all she likes, but I have my own priorities) and some from SHAO that are still at Amanda's house.  Don't ask.

I'm knackered, but probably won't be able to sleep again.
Photo - leaves


Well, until LJ fixes the mood icon glitch, I'll just have to use one of the defaults.

I think the solution may be to delete it and start again, but apparently even after you do that it defaults all the picture URLS to "#invalid", and doesn't let you edit it.  Which is annoying.


I think I might go and watch Sunset Blvd.  It's been a while...