February 7th, 2006

Photo - leaves

Nothing very exciting.

I did an entry this afternoon at work, because I was losing the will to live...

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So, yes, not that exciting, really.

It took me slightly longer to get home today than I would like.  I left work at 5.30 and got back at 6.45, due to train stupidity.  It was delayed by 10 minutes and subsequently rammed (mostly because it was only two carriages long - nice planning there, Centro) and then another one turned up 5 minutes or so later that was empty.  The bus wasn't too bad.  Also, the lights in the tunnel just before the station weren't working, so there was a big, spooky chasm to the right...

We're having enchiladas for dinner. :)

Going to Paul's tomorrow so will update on Thursday, assuming anything exciting happens, which it probably won't.  We're still working through Twin Peaks so should at least get up to episodes 2 and 3 tomorrow night.  It's not like there's anything on telly.