February 10th, 2006

MH - Yvette Witch - bizarre_imagery

In which my usual stupidity results in annoyance.

What is it about the few days before a public/national/commercial holiday (in this case, Valentine's Day) that makes me so disinclined to care? I have all these lovely ideas and no motivation to get off my backside and do anything about them.

The second thing I've got/ordered for Paul off eBay hasn't turned up yet, although it was only paid for on Sunday so that isn't too much of a worry just yet...

The first thing has gone tits-up due to me, in my infinite wisdom, trying to be clever and failing horribly. The thing in question was going to be the fixing of a pendant for reasons I really can't be bothered to go into right now, which I want to wear again anyway because it was my finishing-my-GCSEs present off my mum and the chain's broken. I don't want to get another chain because the one it came with is just the right length and a lovely slim silver.

Anyway, before I'd moved my room around, I must have put it somewhere "safe"... although I'm still convinced it was in my jewellery box, which means that when I got the new box I must have taken the pendant out and put it somewhere else.

Obviously, I have no idea where that might be. I went through the jewellery box about four times this morning and nearly made myself late for work. Aside from the fact that I've had pretty much all week to sort this out and couldn't be bothered/kept forgetting because I'm useless.

So, yeah, I suck. This has put me in quite a despondent mood about the event - what next, is the restaurant going to closed on Tuesday when we turn up for lunch? - and also the fact that our one-year anniversary happens to fall exactly over Easter so most plans will be scuppered due to Bank Holiday stupidity.

I'll attempt to get a card tonight but am not holding out much luck of finding anything half-way decent.

Also, I can't go ahead and organise what I want for my mum's birthday (she's 50 this year) without running it past David first in case he's already planned something. Which is fair enough, but still annoying. My plan was to take her to see Les Mis in London (her birthday's actually on a Friday, she's never seen it live, and I want to see it again anyway) but will now have to check I actually can.

I hate everything.