February 13th, 2006

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Quick update.

So, after the complaining and ranting and whatnot on Friday, everything turned out okay. The thing arrived from eBay so I need to wrap that tonight (in a sense), and my mother pointed out that even if I get the chain fixed on my pendant (which I found upon looking again once I got home... typically) it's likely to break again anyway, so that doesn't matter. So the tickets to Jerry Springer: The Opera will have to do as the present.

Anyway, yeah, weekend mostly involved Twin Peaks-watching (I want season 2, you bastards!) and various movies: Airheads and Gangs of New York, which is quite insanely long, quite pretty, but seemed to have very little plot. I think it's probably one to watch when not lounging around, really...

I have two days of work tomorrow and Wednesday! Tomorrow we're going to lunch at the Victorian Restaurant and then hopefully onto the cinema to see Walk the Line... also going to investigate how much that rosé champagne is that M&S are advertising, just out of interest...

Wednesday day will be spent probably watching DVDs, and in the evening we're seeing Jerry Springer, which should be good. I kind of wish I'd booked off Monday and/or Thursday as well, but never mind.

Tonight I need to write various cards, which I then need to get sent off before Friday. Hm. Oh, Eni, not sure if I'll actually be able to make it this coming weekend to see you, but I'll let you know either way... if not I'll make it in a couple of weeks after I've been paid. :P

Nobody got back to me about Rocky Horror, therefore nobody else is coming. You were all warned. Tickets will be booked this afternoon. Or actually, probably tomorrow when I'm in town already...
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A Day of Extremes.

Interesting one, today...

I was in extremely early, for a start... which is why half term is generally A Good Thing, because the buses aren't packed.

I did extremely little until people started arriving, and then I started doing work.  Luckily I have extremely copious amounts of work, so I had something to do all day, at least.

Sandra arrived at 9.40 and said nothing.  In fact, she said nothing to me all day.

She whinged momentarily when one of the Social Workers said they'd seen her new coat - for which she paid just over £100 in Mango - in Marks and Sparks for £75, because her reputation, apparently, was in shatters. Aside from the fact she only bought the coat because she saw one just like it in a movie, and the way she wanders around in it you'd think she was the Queen or something.  Honey, I will always have a better coat than you.  Once you accept that, things will be much better for you.

Mostly I was doing stuff for Natasha today; random bits and bobs.  And then I was summoned into CM3's office because Virginia and Gail had ganged up on me and told their new SSWA how good I was at Them Computers, and I ended up staying in there for 10 minutes helping everyone out.  One of them offered me the Team Assistant job since their TA left recently... but I refused.  So that was quite entertaining, at least.  Especially when the aforesaid Social Worker grabbed me by the wrist so I couldn't leave.  But when I'm generally more accessible than our AWOL ITSO, it's to be expected.

I left at about 5.00, fifteen minutes after Sandra (at least she deigned to say goodnight...) and got on a train that was empty, pretty much, which was extremely fortuitous.  However, I was then waiting half an hour for a bus, which was extremely annoying.

All right, maybe it wasn't that extreme today, but I had the idea for this entry in my head and decided to run with it...

It should be more coherent, but I've just got in, done some washing, changed my bed, tidied my room and wrapped/created things for Paul's present, so I am, to coin a phrase, knackered.

Just eating my fish pie and waiting for Paul's imminent arrival into our House of Germs.  I managed to escape his lurgie last night but David's got it as well, and the long wait for the bus this evening has made me all sneezy and snuffly, right in time for my annual leave - hurrah.  Thank you, TWM.

Anyway.  That's all.