February 16th, 2006

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Annual Leave, etc.

There's nothing like two days of holiday to make you appreciate NOT BEING AT BLOODY WORK. Came in this morning to ridiculously huge piles of typing (both current and backlogged) and then spent 15 minutes inside the photocopier, which someone appears to have broken one of the internal handles of. Also, there was a letter in my drawer this morning addressed to Judy Lyon, who left in August 2004. Yes. Of course I know where she went... apart from the fact she didn't TELL US. Meh. I'll give it to Cynthia on Monday.

Anyway. It's just as well I was on leave, since I came down with a cold on Tuesday so would have been off sick anyway. Bloody typical. But anyway, on Tuesday we went to the Victorian Restaurant for lunch after a brief wandering around town. Lunch was pleasant and laid back, and we were going to go to HMV/somewhere for further shopping, but saw the bus back to mine and got on it to try and beat the traffic.

The tickets for Rocky Horror are now booked. I require £27.50 each off metalmikey666 and rubytitania, please... 2nd May 2006 (the Tuesday after the May Bank Holiday), 8.00pm, Alexandra Theatre. (Go to the official site for more details of cast and such. I'm personally quite excited about Frank N Furter. :D)

Evening was spent with me suffering for my cold, watching Bob and Rose (I'd forgotten how good that was) and Something's Gotta Give because there was nothing else on. It's quite good, though the best bit is the entire sequence with the hysterical crying...

I spent most of Wednesday being asleep due to cold-induced exhaustion. We left at about 5.30 to head off into town to grab some food before seeing Jerry Springer: The Opera at 7.30. Due to bus stupidity, we had a grand total of 45 minutes in which to find food, with plans also being scuppered by the Briar being rammed (okay, the no smoking policy is great - marvellous, even - but did they have to significantly reduce the amount of tabels in there?), as well as the Hill, so we ended up finding a table (just about) at the Windsor, where we then had 15 minutes to stuff our faces before legging it down to the theatre. Unfortunately, I couldn't eat fast, because I'd not eaten since 11.00 that morning and had reached the stage of hunger where I felt sick. But my steak was very nice anyway.

(For future reference: the Windsor does very good steaks, and their steak night is Wednesday.)

There were protesters at the theatre! Well, about seven of them, anyway. They'd all disappeared again by the interval, but someone had left a leaflet on the front desk in the foyer, which Paul grabbed on the way back in. They were there again at the end of the night handing out entirely different leaflets. I'll type them both up later (the first one's funnier...) and do a show write-up while I'm at it.

Didn't do any lurking due to tiredness and coldness (I'm losing my stamina) but we went to the Fox for a quick drink, then headed home.

My cold seems to have cleared up, at least, and I'm hoping to gain lots more flex this week (I'm 6.3 hours in credit at the moment) due to having to take 7.3 hours as standard on leave days. When I've done this second backlog, I'll take a well-earned flex day.

Right, back to work, I suppose...
Photo - leaves


Okay, Jerry Springer: The Opera write-up (plus leaflets!) coming much later, because my brain isn't functioning fast enough to do it now.  I think my body's catching up with all the sleep I threw at it on Wednesday.  I must say, it would have been interesting if I'd fallen asleep at my desk.  One good thing to come out of being on leave (of many, I might add) is that I didn't have to put up with Sandra whinging about not getting any Valentine's on Tuesday.

On that note, Paul's a big softy, whether he put thought into his message or not. :)  Some photos of the candlesticks and thumb piano he got me coming in a bit... when my MP3-er's finished uploading stuff.

Some of that stuff is the entire of I Am A Bird Now by Antony & the Johnsons, which I've finally gotten around to listening to.  It's very very good, and I highly recommend it to everyone.  I'm not entirely sure what genre it would come under, but it's amazing.  It also features the voices of Boy George and Rufus Wainwright, amongst others, and it's well worth a couple of listens... if only because I think it takes several to fully appreciate it.  He's been compared to Nina Simone and that's not far off the mark.  A very interesting album.

For some reason, both of my feet keep cramping up horribly and then take ages to stop.  My right one does it more frequently because that's the one I broke the bone in, and getting trainers with built-in suspension has really helped (especially when I ran for a bus and my foot didn't cramp up afterwards) but this has been ongoing since about 7.00 this evening and it's very annoying.  Not to mention painful, and in both feet... though luckily, not simultaneously.  Body, kindly stop being annoying.

I think that's about everything, actually.  Except that I need to get the Jerry Springer DVD so I can make (animated) icons. :D