February 22nd, 2006

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So, I got up today at my usual time of 7.00, but because I had to get the bus the whole way I didn't get in until 9.00. Why is it that as soon as there's the slightest hint of bad weather, the public transport in this bloody city just goes wrong and starts being idiotic? Bah.

I didn't get a chance to look at the application last night so will have to rush through it on Thursday. We went out for drinks and Thai food last night, which was nice. Spent much of the time at the pub talking about my counselling and mental state, which was sort of vaguely cathartic because I haven't really been involving the household in it for not wanting to worry them.

I was also reminded of the shop I saw about two years ago on the way to the NEC. It was a company that basically took the photographs of food that they use in menus and restaurants, but the sign was worded very strangely indeed. Something like "beautiful food photographs". Unfortunately, the shop has apparently gone again so I can't find it and can't take a photograph of it... but it conjured up images of people on diets going to the shop to view photographs of food they weren't allowed to have. There'd be a seedy little man behind the counter, and a couple of grubby viewing booths, and he'd say, "D'you want to see some... *shifty expression* cakes? I got some new chips in this morning... lovely, greasy chips."

It would make a very good short film...

Anyway, on that slightly surreal note, I shall sign off.