February 24th, 2006

SB - Max - Oy


Application is sent off and the confirmation-of-receipt email has been sent. Now I just have to wait. If I'd been more proactive, there's also a Senior Clerk/Typist position going at YOTS in Erdington, but the closing date for that is today as well. Oh, well.

It turns out I'd be earning just under 1K less than I am currently, which puts me back where I was when I was a temp. I can deal with that.

I think I'm getting a kidney infection again, since my right side really aches today. It's slightly further around than the problem with my back and my period pains are always on the left (I don't know why) so it's not that, either. Stupid body. In any case, I'll probably have to make an appointment... the surgery are probably sick of seeing me. I'm certainly sick of dealing with the bitchy receptionists.

Tina H is coming over later, apparently...

On Monday night I need to make posters to stick up around work about Liz H's leaving do on 9th March.

All of the snow has melted. :(

I think that's about all I have to ramble about. Dream post coming next. Some mental health type ponderings possibly coming when I'm more coherent.