February 27th, 2006

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Yet another pointless entry.

And yet another update of yet another weekend, because I know how much you all love and appreciate them.

This weekend has mostly been spent watching Farscape and random films... or bits of them. Friday night involved Dark Star and an epically long dream that I will attempt to write up later, because I need to remember it in reverse, probably. I should've written it down on saturday morning as I think most of it has now fallen out of my brain.

Saturday we watched about 6 hours of Farscape up to "Through the Looking Glass", plus... something. Some of the 100 Greatest repeated thing on E4, number ones, I think, and then Rumblefish, most of which I don't remember due to being half-asleep.

Sunday, more Farscape, to the end of season 1 (I have about two episodes missing, it transpires) and halfway through "Mind the Baby", plus the final half-hour of Calamity Jane, most of Maverick and then the 100 Greatest Funny Moments on C4. Quite impressed that Most Haunted got a mention, although less impressed by Yvette being mean about Derek. She's never accused him of being 'schizophrenic' before. :(

Anyway, that was about it, really.

I'm dog tired this morning as a result of staying up until 1.00am, for which I blame Channel 4 entirely. Luckily I have to leave at 4.00 today to get to a doctor's appointment, though I probably won't get to see her until about half an hour after the actual time. She's thorough enough that she's always late, and also nigh on impossible to get a hold of for an appointment... but considering she's one of about three decent GPs in that surgery, it's hardly surprising. I frelling hate my surgery, as you may have realised. Especially the annoying receptionists.

Tonight I have to make posters telling everyone about Liz H's leaving lunch on 9th March, so that'll be fun.

I should probably sign off and have some lunch now...
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A poll, and a little message.


Hope you had a lovely day!  Sorry I couldn't get a card to you on time, but I've been swamped in birthdays this month!  If I'd managed to read your journal  before today I could also have arranged for the helium balloon you wanted, but alas, I was too late...

So, I've booked Friday off as flex because it's MGM-day, and because I need to go to the hairdresser to get my layers re-defined and have an overall trim.  I'm also going to get it dyed professionally for a change, back to black.  The original plan was to buy one box of black dye and dye from the roots down, leaving the tips red, but the red has gone a sort of insipid auburn so it won't look as interesting as I planned.  So it's back to black.

My mum bought some ceramic curling tongs recently that I haven't been brave enough to play with yet (they'll be useful come Rocky-time.  No more drag queen wig for me!) so I'm quite tempted to have my hair tonged when I get it cut rather than straightened like I usually do.

I put this to the public vote...

What should I do this time?


Yes, I am very indecisive.

I've made the posters for work, but I'll write up the dream tomorrow after I've tried to write it down later, possibly when I go to bed.  I was going to have a shower, but will wait until tomorrow because the room's only just warmed up and I don't want to move again...

Right, now I'm going to set about backing up all of my pictures onto a CD in preparation for the Big Upgrade...
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Creativity, woo!

So, I've backed up all of my pictures and fonts and random bits from My Documents, and then went through old Zip discs (as you do) to see what was on them.  I found a whole bunch of old MSN/YIM conversations with Naomi, in one of which we discuss how to make a Farscape silent movie.  I may transpose that one at some point, because it's funny...

Anyway, in doing so, I also found this rather wonderful picture of Stark's mask, which I must have snurched from somewhere to help her draw it for the Farscape Horror Show artist's impression (which is unfortunately no longer online due to dead webspace, I believe...):

As a result, I also made two icons out of it.  Up for grabs with keyword credit, as usual.

I'll probably be using the 'hidden talents' one...