March 2nd, 2006

Photo - leaves

Since I'm getting it done tomorrow.

I shall make like jackiesjottings and provide something of a Hair Diary, in picture form... except I'll have to do it tomorrow or tonight instead, because I can't access half the photographs due to the BCC internet being an ARSE. As usual.

It'll be better when I have New Hair to put on the end anyway. Today's icon is a starter...

That's what this post was going to be. Instead, it shall now be a lamentation of the fact that we went to the Yard and lost about £20 in the ITBox... although we won about £6 of it back in the pub quiz game... The Hangman in that machine knows our frelling weaknesses and deliberately gave us the sport category on the final letter of every puzzle. Bastard machine.

Other than that, nothing very eventful happened yesterday.

I'm so glad I have tomorrow off. I'll have to go into work earlyish on Monday to do the whiteboard, though...

Tonight: dye hair. Damn, forgot to warn mother earlier on the phone.

Tomorrow: 11.30am, hair appointment. Home by 1.00pm, eat lunch, lounge around online, decide whether planned MGM outfit is suitable for whatever the weather's doing.

Saturday: cat-sitting for purrr3 again.

Sunday: going home.
Photo - leaves

Hair photos, as promised.

Here we go, then.  I've been officially growing it since May 2003, so we'll start there.  Mainly because it was pretty much of a muchness between then and September 1999, when I'd had it chopped off for the second time and first decided to dye it black.

So.  Collapse )

Which brings us to today.

Collapse )  There we go, then.  A journey of hair.  It will be different again tomorrow, I hope, so watch this space. :D