March 6th, 2006

Random - Oblivion wheels

MGM, weekend, &c.

Okay, firstly, BCC's internet access is a pain in the frelling eema. It refuses to load most of LJ's pages for no apparent reason, even though they work perfectly fine later in the day.


Met yoshi outside Symphonic Hall at about 6.45, and we headed off to the Flapper to meet other Brethrens. shabe had been there since about 4.00 so was fairly drunk. Also in attendance at that point were marz109, joetimewaster, miss_scooter, metalmikey666, Shy, Marie, Brethren Tom, 87wt3gxq7, Helenix and Skunky, though the latter two were only there briefly.

Some pool was played, some conversations about corsets and hats were had, and then An Unfortunate Thing happened.

I went to the loo. I came back, and Paul handed me some money and told me to go to the bar. I had a conversation at the bar while I was waiting with Tom about milliners/hatters/Alice in Wonderland (they stopped being hatters because they got in trouble for putting mice in teapots, apparently...) and then had Paul take the money off me again and tell me not to bother.

Apparently, one of the barmen (Flapper regulars - the older guy with the white hair) decided he was underage and asked him for ID. He's twenty-frelling-seven, and even clean shaven there's no way he looks under 21. Aside from the fact that the Flapper's renowned for serving 16-year-olds with no questions. So he got told to leave. Or, as he put it, "I've just been thrown out by an old twat."

Anyway, after he'd started swearing at the barman, he stormed off, shouted a bit at me and got shouted at in return, apologised, and was then joined by the rest of the Brethren as we left the FLapper and went to Scruffy Duffy's instead. In doing so, we halved the clientelle of the Flapper (it was surprisingly empty - presumably they were having an over-21 night or something, and that may have scared off the teeny emos) and probably lost them about £350 behind the bar, not to mention the pool table.

Scuffy Duffy's was also quite deserted, which is the one good thing about Broad Street - it's empty until after 10.00pm. So we managed to get a decent couple of tables with couches. The doorman made us take our hats off and apparently everyone held their breath in case Paul kicked off again. :D

We spent the rest of the night in there and everyone got quite friendly. I had lots of compliments on my hair (it looked really cool with my turquoise trilby) and my fake corset, which I didn't realise was even that effective, but there we go.

The Flapper is now on the MGM blacklist. Which is rather a shame, because I like the Flapper, and at least it provides an alternative to the bloody Hill.

Got a taxi at the end of the night to Jenny's, and so began the catsitting.


I have spent the majority of the weekend sneezing. Jenny's cats are lovely, but the lack of antihistamines meant that my allergy kicked in with a vengeance. Aside from that, it was a nice weekend.

On Saturday, I cooked an entire roast dinner from scratch, with actual real food. Roast potatoes and everything! We had pork chops with roast potatoes, herby mash, brocolli and cauliflower (separately and mashed) and graaavy. it was very nice, if I say so myself, and I was especially proud of the roast potatoes... :D

The timing was a bit off, but other than that it was fine...

Other than that we didn't do very much. Watched TV (and 50 First Dates) and played with the cats, and went to Sainsbury's to buy dinner...

On Sunday Jenny gave us a lift back to Paul's and then we went back to mine for another roast dinner with more pork, which was even nicer. :)

This week's going to be a bit hectic... I have to make cakes on Wednesday and going out Thursday for Liz H's leaving do. I hope they don't expect us to do any work on Friday...