March 7th, 2006

Photo - leaves


LJ informs me that it's tengirlsago's birthday, so Happy Birthday to her. :)

There's going to be a post here later. I say that all the time and then never have the energy to do it. But there will be, because my LJ is sorely overdue a Good Long Rant.

There may be a few changes around here.

Tonight I have to go to Tesco to get caster sugar and self-raising flour. Tomorrow I have to make cakes, which I will probably bring home again after the party because nobody'll eat them, as usual...

For now, I have a couple of dreams to post about, so I'll do that...
WIW - Marian

You may notice the lack of ranting.

I don't have the energy any more.  It was, as usual, formulating into coherence in my head on the bus (as these things have a tendency to do) but I lost it again in the incidents since coming home.

I made food, which I ate whilst watching A Child's Cry For Help, a horrendous made-for-TV movie that I caught on Sky Premier... I think it snuck over from Real Movies, somehow... so yeah, that was interesting.  Mother with Muchausen's Syndrome by Proxy, etc.

Then I went upstairs to put away clean clothes.

Now, see, when I came home on Sunday, I discovered that my bedside lamp was mysteriously broken.  It's one of those really bright desk lamps that swivel.  The base has completely cracked.  It hasn't fallen on the floor as far as I know, it's just... broken.  It still works, but it won't stay in one position.  So I've had to bin that.  And found another, functional lamp in the back bedroom/study that I can use instead, which is far prettier anyway.  I just need to paint it black because it's olive green at the moment.

So, because that lamp won't fit on my shelf, I had to put it on top, which meant a) doing some dusting (ha.  Or not) and b) moving stuff around to accommodate it.  Which resulted in my large, A3 clip framed New York print falling off the wall, down the back of the shelves, and onto the floor.  Surprisingly, the glass remained intact.

Until I stood on it.  In slippers, luckily.

Which meant I had to vaccuum to get rid of the deadly little slivers of glass in my rug.

And now I really can't be arsed to rant.  I'll probably save it til tomorrow afternoon when I'm bored, or something.
Christine - pity


I had an idea for a new layout.  Can't be bothered at the moment to argue with the DVD-ROM/Photoshop (at least simultaneously), and even though I want to do a Charlie & the Chocolate Factory layout at some point, I need to watch the film again to think of ideas.  So instead, I decided to turn the Robert Heindel picture of Christine ("The End of Innocence") into a layout instead.

In the interim, have an S2 style instead. :P