March 10th, 2006

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So, yesterday was interesting and annoying in equal measure.

It was Liz's last day, so we were having a leaving lunch in the Conference room. I made some fairy cakes (which actually got eaten this time) and we had a ridiculous amount of food.

We started preparing everything at about 11.00, which included cooking stuff, decorating the room, putting the food out, etc, etc. Nina (annoying Senior Prac from upstairs; she's a very good social worker, but she's demanding and irritating and won't accept no for an answer) wandered down to ask me to tell her when everything would be ready, so I said we were aiming for 12.30.

I was in the kitchen chatting to Tina H about stuff while we finished microwaving the rice, having left an empty room for ten minutes. I went back in to put out another big serving spoon and the bloody Social Workers were queuing to get into the room.

It's just as well the chicken balti Liz had made was the last thing to go out, or there would've been none left for us. I was especially annoyed by this, as I'd taken my camera in and wanted to get a photograph of the spread.

I'd also planned to get some photos of the team for Liz but work stress got in the way of it. I don't know why I bother.

(Mrrrgh. Go away, phone. I don't want to talk to Maxine.)

So, anyway, in all of this, we discovered this morning that we'd forgotten to give Liz her card. She liked the bracelet part of the present and said nothing about the perfume, so she either hates it or has about six bottles of it already... Which is my fault, as that was my idea, and I was the one who found out which one it was that she used to wear...

I left work at about 4.15 and was back an hour later (258 bus's fault) and left the station to find a rainbow in the sky, which was quite pleasant. I did take a picture with my phone, but I'm not sure if it came out... will find out later.

Anyway, I headed back out again at 6.00ish. Had to wear my trainers because my feet were being annoying and cramping up again, but since they're sparkly it didn't look too bad, and my jeans were long enough to conceal them anyway.

I wasn't looking forward to going that much, and I've realised that my nervous reaction of yawning uncontrollably, tired or not, is more of an anxiety reaction than anything else. We started at All Bar One, and due to aforesaid anxiety I drank my first glass of wine a bit too quickly. We had some of their little platter things (6 for £20) between four of us, which were quite nice.

There were 8 of us at the start: me, Liz, Sandra, Natasha, Cynthia, Amanda, Val (who will be replacing Liz in a couple of weeks) and Liz's friend, and Val left at about 8.00. Also, Cynthia and I were wearing the same bolero top, which luckily nobody except us noticed...

We went to Risa afterwards, where we all got IDed. Liz thought the bouncer was kidding, until we spotted a sign on the door that said if you looked under 25 you'd be asked for ID. Ironic, considering I was the only one there who was actually under 25. They let us all in, anyway...

In Risa I had two vodka and pineapples and one glass out of a pitcher of Sex on the Beach (orange, cranberry and vodka) and was feeling drunk-tired but not overly so. We sat and talked until the music got too loud (I hate that) and I left at about 11.00.

Which is when the annoyance started.

I was waiting for the 126, which was due at 11.10. At 11.05, all of the buses due at that time turned up - on time. I waited until 11.15 and presumed that the 126 had come early and I'd just missed it, so I wandered off to get a taxi.

I'd no sooner got into the taxi when the 126 pulled up three cars behind. Which meant that I spent a tenner on a taxi that I didn't have to.

And this morning I couldn't find my bus pass.

Okay. So it was in the (large, flat; large enough for a bus pass but not large enough that it would fall out) back pocket of my jeans while I was waiting at the bus stop. I took it out when the fleet of 11.05 buses turned up, just in case one of them (ha!) was mine. Then I put it back, and I know it was in there because I had my hands in my back pockets to keep them warm.

So it's either fallen out in the back of the taxi (no idea how) or it's on my bedroom floor somewhere from when I took my jeans off again. I didn't have time to look properly this morning, but I'm incredibly annoyed by this. If my bloody bus had been on time, I would've put it straight back into my purse after getting on the bus, rather than leaving it in my back pocket in the taxi. If it's not in my room, I'll probably never see it again, as I have no idea which taxi firm it was.

I'm sure I can phone Centro and tell them, but it's still annoying, and it'll probably be a battle of wills.

I became convinced a long time ago that TWM is, in fact, the Devil incarnate. However, I am now led to believe that they're in cahoots with Broad Street taxis. I mean, on Friday and Saturday nights they don't serve the top end of it, so you either have to walk all the way down to McDonalds/OhVelvet, or get a taxi. They're only every half an hour, and even then they're not on time, so you get cold/bored/tired, and so you get a taxi.

The taxis, by this logic, are therefore Mephistopheles, the Tempter. Sitting there in their warm, comfortably-furnished queues, their little orange signs glowing appealingly, whispering "Travel in meeee."

Either way, they're all bastards, and they need to go back to the depths of Hell from whence they came.

I am not impressed. I really hope it's on my bedroom floor. :(
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I'm too tired for this.

Further annoyances I have since discovered:

1) Centro will charge me £5.00 for a new card. Or, to translate, they will charge me £5.00 for the privalege of losing it and having already had to spend £3.00 on a DaySaver this morning.

2) The CentroCard is valid on the bus, train and metro. Except apparently it's not valid to use on the Metro for Zones 1 and 2. Which is, er, most of it. The Metro only goes about as far as Zone 4. So, er, what's the frelling point? And why can't they just sell a card that you can use on the bus and the train. They have one for just bus and Metro, for goodness' sake. And honestly, who even uses the Metro?

Please be on my floor. Please.
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You'll all be glad to know, I found my bus pass.  Under the bed.

I had a nap when I got in.  Or tried to.  I lay down at about 6.00 and despite the fact that my eyes physically hurt, I didn't nod off until about 6.45 so didn't get that much sleep.  I hate my brain's complete inability to switch off.  At least when I was going through whatever I was going through (I'm loath to call it 'depression' for fear of all the actually depressed people on, like, pills and stuff leaping down my throat) I could get to bloody sleep when I was tired instead of lying awake for hours.  I'm not sure which I prefer.

Also, it took me an hour to get home by bus this evening.  And Paul's been waiting for an 11 for about 45 minutes.

I am going to blow up all the buses.  And then all of the cars.  And then build more buses that will be on time because there'll be no traffic to hold them up.

This entry is fragmented because I'm hungry and tired.