March 14th, 2006

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I hate coming up with subjects.

Something of a write-up, I suppose. This weekend has been mostly spent avoiding the kitchen whilst David lays the new floor, which looks very good, and discovering that if I don't take my St John's Wort I become a moody cow after about three days. I didn't take it for that long because a) in the process of floor-laying it got hidden in the kitchen and b) it tastes foul and I got fed up of gagging every morning.

So, yeah, that was fun. I'd almost forgotten what it was like feeling as though my brain was two sizes too big for my skull. Not fun.

It also meant that little things were annoying me more than they should've done, and I'm looking back on what were entirely logical thought processes at the time with amused eye rolling. For example, when we wandered downstairs on Sunday to make some lunch, David told us to go away until they'd finished tidying up... although I was perfectly happy to work around them (they were on the other side of the counter as it was) and was also quite hungry. And this annoyed me because we'd been told to bugger off in the morning as well so couldn't have a nice breaksfast.

My 'logical' thought process therefore went something like, "So you couldn't wait an extra 10 minutes before starting so we could eat something, but I'm expected to wait another 10 minutes before I can eat something?" which was understandably quite irritating and upsetting.

I seemed to have recovered again by the evening, though.

We watched five episodes of Farscape and that seemed to be about it, though I'm sure there was something else. Also watched the Greatest Actors thing on Sunday night, and was very surprised by Johnny Depp coming second, which I definitely wasn't expecting. He does strike me as being an 'actor's actor', though, purely because he's so diverse. I suspect a public vote, rather than an actors' vote, would have warranted very different results... or at least, for very different reasons.

Yesterday was rubbish and annoying because I was tired, couldn't do the work I had to do because things had gone missing, and because I got blamed for something I shouldn't have had to deal with in the first place.

Today is looking to be a long day, too. We have a team lunch today (which means I can claim half an hour instead of 2 hours :D) and I have supervision this afternoon, so I need to make a list of stuff to discuss, as it's been six weeks. Also need to average what I've typed since then.

Sandra is in a good mood, but she's being irritating with it. I swear, she's the loudest woman ever, and she can't do anything quietly, whether that's laughing or putting down a mug/phone/pen. I've brought in some biscuits in a big box, which are now sitting on top of the printer out of the way of the kettle (I'd put them in front of it in the only available space), and rather than a "thanks for the biscuits", I get "who put that box on top of the printer, by the way?" Well, it wasn't me, it was Amanda, so hard cheese - you can't complain at me.

Also, "is that just an empty box or does it have chocolate in it?". Er, yes, Sandra, it's obviously an empty box. Sealed with sellotape. And, er, why the fuck would I bring an empty biscuit box to work? *rolls eyes*

Anyway, I should probably sign this one off and do some work. My hands are bloody freezing because I'm sitting in a draught (draft?) as per frelling usual. It's a good job I can type with gloves on.
Photo - leaves


We are now all Wanadoo'd up!  Which means that my MSN Messenger is working again!  I don't frigging care what AOL said; they were blocking it, and this is the proof.

It seems, however, that I've been off MSN for so long that all of my contacts have vanished, except for cloudjuice, for some reason.

So, if I was/am on your MSN list, IM me at some point or give me your new/current MSN addresses so I can add you.

New people, I am  Add me!

I've set it to run automatically with Windows, which may mean that I'll be more sociable online again.  Even though AIM was my first messenger, MSN was my main IM client once I'd downloaded it (I recall the Uni firewall also blocked it for a time as well) and AOL blocking it was a contributory factor in my general messenging hiatus.

So, there we go.  Now, to download MSN Plus! so I can get back all the funky features I had before. :)