March 16th, 2006

Cabaret - Maybe This Time

Flat update.

Computer says "no".

We can't physically afford it. There'd be a desposit of about £250 plus the month's rent, and the timescales would be, like, next month.

No time, no money, no support. We can afford the rent, but not the deposit... at least, not at the moment. And the flat's probably going to go to someone else, as it's in high demand.

I don't even know how I feel about this any more. Part of me isn't surprised in the slightest that, as usual, I got my hopes up about something that was inevitably going to fail. Another part is still horrendously disappointed about it. And yet another part is entirely tempted to give up entirely on ever being able to afford anything better than a grotty bedsit over a shop.

I think it's time to emigrate.
Random - Oblivion wheels

One of our Internets is missing.

Well, sort of.  Connection can't seem to cope with three computers online at the same time, at least as far as loading pages is concerned.  As you can see, Semagic (and messengers, I presume) are loading just fine.  IE is shaking its head forlornly.

Could possibly also have something to do with the fact that I'm connecting wirelessly to a snazzy new Wanadoo router with a generic wireless aerial, which is, er, taped to the back of my PC...  So, you see why I also need to upgrade.

Mrgh.  This is annoying.  I have an Amazon order I couldn't send from work, and now I can't send it from here either.  Stupid internet.
SB - Max - Oy


Internets is all mine now, and seems to be working marginally better.  Luckily, a new aerial was going to be part of the upgrade plan.

Anyhoo.  Amazon order has finally been sent (after some glaring and swearing and angry quadruple-clicking) and consists of the following:

Gary Jules - Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets (the album that's got "Mad World" on it; it was worth the £2.00 different to get the bloody album rather than the single)
Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway (shut up)
KT Tunstall - Eye to the Telescope (I've liked what I've heard on the adverts...)
Babyshambles - Down in Albion (for Paul)
Animalympics on VHS (if I visit thefleshfailure belatedly for her birthday, depending on finances, I'm taking this with me.  ALL 1970s animated movies are teH gay.)
[Top Secret Thing] on DVD (for thefleshfailure; part two coming when I get around to going shopping, hopefully next Wednesday)

Now I need to go and update my wish list...

Oh, and what's with the bloody weather today?  It's March, for crying out loud!  I love snow as much as the next child, but come on, universe!  We would like some warmth now!
Photo - leaves

Meme off elegantly_bored

I like this one.  Similar to the other MP3 lyrics meme, but somewhat more tricky.

Randomise your MP3s, then post the first five lyrics of the first 20 songs.  Then let people guess them.

1. Hold on to me, love; you... - Evanescence, My Last Breath - thefleshfailure
2. You never needed them. You... - Juliana Hatfield, Somebody Is Waiting For Me - thefleshfailure
3. Okay, Ike, you're my little...
4. How can I think I'm...
5. Are you blind when you're... - Cats, Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats - thefleshfailure
6. Small wonder you've not heard...
7.  I wanted you to know... - Seether (feat. Amy Lee), Broken - thefleshfailure
8. From ze day he vas...  (phonetic, if it helps) - Rocky Horror Show, Eddie's Teddy - collie_wing/queenc2346
9. I gave you three years... - Pink, Walk Away - queenc2346
10. No more talk of darkness... - Phantom of the Opera, All I Ask Of You - thefleshfailure
11. Thought it was funny when... - Dido, Isobel - thefleshfailure
12. This is not a monument... - Juliana Hatfield, Fade Away - thefleshfailure
13. The first time that I saw...
14. At the end of the...
15. Come on, babe, why don't...
16. Only you, you're the only...
17. Asla Thea stole a stallion... - Judy Collins, Anathea - translucent
18. Close my eyes.  Stay down... (oo-er...)
19. "Say, Janet."  "Yes?"  "I've got..." - Rocky Horror Show, Dammit Janet - collie_wing/queenc2346
20.  There's a bunch of birds...

Mostly showtunes, it seems, plus the usual miscellany/crap.  G'wan.

(PS: I fixed my mood theme.  I hate the web interface, especially its tendency to refuse to load again once you've saved anything.  So I recreated it from scratch using the console, after I did a quick rename of the image files to get rid of the numbers.  I wouldn't have had to do this if LJ hadn't broken it in the first place...)