March 17th, 2006

Buffy - The Four

Ye Bifcuit Faga.

Okay, this is getting a bit silly, now.

On Monday, I brought in a box of biscuits to work, as I think I mentioned. I intended to bring them in before Christmas, but didn't at the time because everyone had bought us biscuits/chocolates and it would've been silly. So I left it a bit, and forgot about them until my mum dragged them from the top of the fridge.

The date on them is 10th February 2006. So, yes, they're a month out of date. But they taste absolutely fine and they're still marginally crunchy, and they're mis-shapen to begin with, which is why they were cheap.

So, anyway, all week A Certain Colleague has been bitching about the fact that the biscuits are out of date. I'd swear she's convinced I'm trying to poison them all. She even tried to put me off cooking cakes for Liz H's leaving do, and as it transpired, the cakes were very much enjoyed by everyone (just like the Christmas cake I made, which was eaten by the majority of CM3...)

This first started on... Tuesday, I think. Natasha had a biscuit, asked who brought them in (I think; I wasn't paying attention) and was halfway through eating it when Sandra mentioned that they were "a month out of date". Natasha didn't seem to mind, as the biscuits taste fine.

I've been eating them all week, and I'm not dead yet. At least as far as I can tell...

The Faga Continued on Wednesday when Sandra, under a lot of stress and convinced she was making herself ill, said "Ooh, I think I'll eat a load of those stale biscuits and make myself sick." Charming. Except for the fact that they're not even stale! They're a little bit softer than they should be, but they're not stale, they're not mouldy, and they're not going to frelling kill her.

And today, it continued even further. Cynthia had take-away Chinese for dinner last night and is feeling a bit queasy/gassy as a result. "You never know," suggested Sandra, "it might've been a month out of date."

Okay. Point taken, already. The biscuits are out of date. Big fat hairy deal. They're more likely to get eaten at work, and until Sandra noticed the use by date on the box, they were being eaten with no qualms whatsoever.

I don't think anyone's eating them now. Whatever. All the more biscuits for me.