March 20th, 2006

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Another weekend over.

That was more eventful than I anticipated...

On Friday, as promised, I took the biscuits home with me. More on that shortly.

Friday night, we ate curry, cooked rice for the first time evar (and it worked - a bit chewy, but otherwise okay) and sat watching Fawlty Towers, 8 out of 10 Cats and My Name Is Earl with Noel whilst drinking wine before bed.

I spent most of Saturday then nursing a hangover, because I was very very tired for some reason... We were intending on spending a quiet night in, when Paul's other brother, Darren, rang to say they were having a party to watch the Stars In Their Eyes Kids live final - because a family member (Paul's sister-in-law's nephew, I think) was in it, as Lemar.

He came third, incidentally. 7-year-old George Formby-alike came first... So that was quite nice, though the children were giving me a headache for a while...

Got back and attempted to watch some of Gimme Gimme Gimme, but gave up. We'd also watched High Fidelity (I think) at some point on Saturday as well.

Sunday was quiet and mostly spent watching 'Stenders...

I spent the entire weekend breathing carefully and relegating Paul to the kitchen for his cigarettes due to managing to leave my Salbutamol at home. So we went back to mine on Sunday night... after a quick trip to the offy, we managed to miss the 126 and decided that, rather than waiting 20 minutes for another one, we'd just walk.

As it turned out, we'd only have saved ourselves five minutes and less exercise by waiting for the next bus. It's only about a half-hour walk from Bearwood, really, so not too bad. I've walked further than that in Derby, I'm sure.

So, yes, that was that. We cooked when we got in (Chicken Tonight mushroom sauce with spaghetti. Mmmm.) and then watched The Hole before bedtime. I'd forgotten how freaky that film is... sort of claustrophobic and horrible. Saw really reminded me of it, actually...

I had a freaky and horrible dream this morning. Will post that later.

This morning I've been running around doing photocopying, mostly. It's just me and Sandra in (the beauty of this time of year is that everyone's trying to use up their annual leave - I'm off Wednesday to Friday, Cynthia's off Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and Amanda's off today and tomorrow) and Val, who's covering Liz H's diary until she goes on maternity leave mid-April. So of course, Sandra's doing as little work as possible, eating all of the chocolates that Shafiq brought in, and talking on the phone. Marvellous.

She's doing minutes right now, so I don't have to listen to her...

Also? Ye Bifcuit Faga continued this morning, with the following conversation.

Sandra: What did you do with those biscuits, then? Did you chuck them?
Me: No, I just took them home. We drink lots of coffee so they'll be used up. [they're sold as 'dunkables'.] Besides, they still taste okay.
Sandra: But they were stale. I didn't eat any of them, though.

So, how in the Hell would you know??

Gah. Fine. You got what you wanted - the biscuits are no longer in the office to offend your senses. LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE.

Anyway. That's it. It's nearly time for lunch.
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So, I left work early today.  I was going to do ridiculous hours today and tomorrow to get some flex, but since, by some miracle, I'm up an hour as of last week (I have no idea how I managed that with mostly late mornings and leaving at the time I'm supposed to, but anyway, not complaining) I'm not going to bother.  And if I continue feeling as awful tomorrow as I have today, I may not go in at all...

Since yesterday evening (since taking my salbutamol, anyway) my chest has been awfully tight.  I'm not wheezing, but it's very difficult to breathe, and taking more salbutamol isn't helping.  Today, having conversations was leaving me out of breath, not to mention the going up and down stairs to photocopy things.

I left at 4.30 - was meant to be 4.15 but I got distracted by Liz Davis' printing problems - and got the bus to the train station (a 15-minute walk) and was back for 5.30ish.

I'm going to take a bath with some Olbas Oil in the hopes that it'll work.  I used to OD on Olbas as a kid so hopefully I'm not completely immune to it.

Stupid body.
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Some good things.

Despite feeling rubbish today, here are some very good things.

1. I appear to have lost another 3lb without even trying.  I'm down to 10st.

2. My Animalympics video arrived. :D  Which I'm sure broken_sticks will be quite pleased about.

3. My mood theme works again.  And I keep forgetting just how frelling cool it is.  See!

4. My plan for my mum's birthday will be possible after all, since David wasn't thinking that far ahead.  So, I should be able to take her to see Les Misérables in London this August, and spend some time in the capital while I'm at it.  Which has all sorts of possibilities for meeting people and shopping and taking pictures and generally having a nice time.  Hurrah.

5. Paul's been invited for the testing stage of the job he applied for recently that pays ridiculous money.  So yay for that.

6. I'm being cooked for tonight, by virtue of the fact that if I stand up for too long I can't bloody breathe...

7. I forgot to mention on the previous post that I only used my specific Swircle-mentioning "I PWN N3M0!" icon because I haven't mentioned the Swircle in ages, and hence haven't had a chance to use the icon.  Which isn't so much a good thing as... a fact.

That's about it.