March 21st, 2006

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Six-day weekend?

So, yes.  I'm not at work.

Why is it even when you're legitimately sick*, you still feel guilty?  In my case, it's because the new CPA at SHAO interrogated me on the phone when I was leaving a message for Tina.  She's frelling terrifying.

This does mean, of course, due to my having the rest of the week off as leave, that I'm ending up with a six-day weekend.  I like the sound of that, don't you?

*Yes, I am.  Shut up.  All I'd got left to do today was photocopying, which would only have made things worse, as the photocopier is downstairs.  Not to mention the change in temperature between Swelteringly Hot in Admin and Freezing Cold in CPR.  And the toner fumes.  Etc.  But seriously, I still can't breathe properly.  It's better than it was yesterday, but still.  I probably shouldn't spend all day in my room, though, as it's full of dust...
Photo - leaves

Things I Have Done Today:

  • played Scrabble
  • lost once; won once
  • installed Trillian
  • screwed up Trillian with out of date skins
  • deleted Trillian
  • redownloaded Trillian
  • gone on a hunt for Winamp skins
  • and subsequently downloaded about six of them
  • and considered making one
  • installed Triazzle
  • played lots of Triazzle
  • watched Animalympics
  • eaten some food
  • taken lots of heaving breaths
  • and attempted to add 87wt2gsq7's fotolog to my RSS feeds, without success

So, an incredibly productive day, as you can see.

Going to phone the doc's tomorrow for an emergency appointment, if only because I also need to get my prescription repeated and might as well do it while I'm there asking about my sudden asthmatic relapse. Seriously, this isn't funny any more.

Now I shall probably sit online all day and do even little.  Tomorrow I will be productive.  Honest.
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