March 22nd, 2006

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"Currently uploaded: 48 out of 116".

We'll soon rectify that situation.  Quite what I'm going to do with 116 icons, I don't know.  If I'd had the foresight, like Eni, to keyword them with moods/sticky keywords, this would be easier.  But as it stands, I keep forgetting what I've got.

Anyway, a few more have now been uploaded, mostly seen before but recycled...

1. ... 2. ... 3. ... 4. ... 5. ... 6.

That'll do for now.  Those are the most usable ones I can see from my vast collection.

Fandoms, etc.:
1. Edward Scissorhands - this was my first attempt at an animated icon, after several hours glaring at ImageReady and another hour trying to find the base image, since they'd since changed the cover of the frelling DVD from the original video.  It also involved downloading an entire font just to get the butterfly.  This one'll probably be used for when I'm feeling fragile or particularly emo...
2. Edward Scissorhands - another one from the same batch, where the snowflake, again, is from a font... although I can't remember now if I already had that one or if it came from one of the hundred or so that I downloaded in the same session.  *ahem*  (Seriously, I have to back my fonts up on a CD because I don't remember where they all came from... I am a complete font whore.)  This will be my "IT'S SNOWING!" icon, and since Spring has definitely not sprung yet, I might still get some use out of it.
3. Most Haunted - Phil Whyman has bee fear.  Except in that case, it's not actually a bee, but the little umbrella-tying thing tickling his ear. :)  This'll be my "ARGH INSECTS!" icon as summer descends.
4. Most Haunted - Matthew Smith, resident sceptic.  'Nuff said.
5. Nightmare Before Christmas - I made this one for bizarre_imagery two Christmasses ago, but I've just had to steal it back...  Dunno when I'll use this one, but I like it.
6. Chicago - this was the default icon for my ancient Chicago layout immediately after seeing the movie for the first time.  I hate that film, but it is very pretty.  This'll have to be a 'trapped' icon, I think.

That's it.  I need more icons for Moulin Rouge and Farscape, I think.  Definitely need Trek icons and X-Files icons and oh! the possibilities!  And so many icons to use up!!

Now I have the tricky decision of which (old) icon to use on this one.  Possibly just one I haven't used in ages.
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