March 28th, 2006

NBC - tower light

Post Office

I just went on a mini adventure to the post office.  Not my usual post office, hence the adventure.  I had only the vaguest idea where it actually was, so ended up going the long way there and the short way back, up the ends of roads I'd only seen from the other side.  Quite strange.  Also, it's very windy and rainy.

In any case, Eni's very late birthday present has now been posted and should arrive, postal service permitting, very shortly.

I'm about to install one of our old games that I never got around to playing, John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles.  I watched my mother playing it briefly when we first got it about five years ago, and I suspect I may only be able to play it in daylight...

Nothing else to report.  I need to pack a bag later.
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