March 30th, 2006

Photo - leaves


So, on Tuesday night I went to see The Kooks at Barfly, supported by Gundogs. The high point of the evening was jumping the 300-strong queue of indiekids due to being on the guest list... which I'm sure I would have appreciated a lot more had I not been tired, wet and grumpy, seeing as we got severely rained on in Digbeth.

The gig was good. Seether are playing there on 17th April so I'm half-considering it... I'll probably be settling into a long week of relaxation by that point, though, and we'd planned to take a day trip to Derby, so I'll have to see...

There was some flat-related upset on Tuesday night that I'd rather not go into, but suffice it to say that the entire thing is frustrating me beyond reason at the moment and it finally came to a head due to my tiredness. As a result, I spent most of yesterday with a behind-the-eyeballs headache (from drinking three Smirnoff Ice in a row, quite quickly) and itchy eyes, which was quite unpleasant.

Last night we had very nice bolognese with mash, and watched KingPin. I feel much more awake this morning - at the very least, my eyeballs don't hurt whenever I move them - but am still awaiting Tina H for my return-to-work interview... and realised I shouldn't technically get a NOC (Notification of Concern - you get them if you're off sick on three separate occasions in a year; stupid policy if you have a chronic illness) because my second sickness was just the morning and I emailed her to ask for flex instead... will have to remind her.

Apparently, David was meant to be doing the kitchen worktops/sink yesterday. So gawd knows what I'll come home to tonight...

That's about it. I bought a Kriss Kross puzzle book this morning to pass the time during my lunchbreak, and that's about as thrilling as my life gets at the moment.

But on the plus side, Paul and I are seeing Sweeney Todd on 13th April. :)