March 31st, 2006

Photo - leaves

Another day, another job hunt.

I found this job this afternoon.  I seem to recall typists in Legal were paid much more than that last year, but maybe that was just because I was a temp at the time.  Either way, I probalby stand more chance of getting an interview for that one than I did the other.  I haven't heard anything so I'm not holding out much hope.  Ah, well.

After the invites incident yesterday, I also discovered that Sandra is a hypocrite.  Remember the Biscuit Saga?  Well, Natasha came in after her Conference in search of chocolate because she wanted a sugar rush, and made a beeline to Sandra, since she's always stuffing her face with junk food.  She's a bloody stick insect as well, the bitch.  But anyway, she offered Nat a chocolate-covered biscuit bar thing, which Natasha gratefully took.  And as she was walking off?

"Don't check the date on that, whatever you do..."

Maybe I should have shouted out something about food poisoning...

Really, this upcoming possible job opportunity couldn't have come at a better time.  Plus it's in the city centre, which is far easier for me.  Next to the Odeon cinema, if memory serves.

I haven't mentioned the flat recently, but that's only because it hasn't completely gone away and I'm trying not to get my hopes up.  Jen seems really keen for us to have it when she moves out and has promised to text Paul the landlord's number so we can have a chat with him.  She reckons her deposit was £270, plus the month's rent... which is precisely where the problem lies.  We don't have £270.

But after a conversation last night over dinner (very nice pepper steak at The Old House at Home due to the kitchen being between sinks and a shambles) both my mother and/or David have offered to pay the deposit for us.  Which I didn't want to have to resort to - I'm trying to prove my independence here, y'know? - but is very much appreciated nonetheless.  I'm also apparently taking the piano with me when/if I move out, assuming Robin can dismantle it enough to move the bloody thing.  The action's the heavy bit, but the casing is awkward and non-manoeuvrable.  Or however that's spelt.

So, yeah.  It's looking vaguely more plausible, again, but we definitely need to talk to the landlord and establish how much the deposit is, whether we can pay it in bits, all that nice stuff.  Apparently he's really good about things like that, though.  We'll see.  Also need to properly do some calculations.  I reckon we could afford it, especially if Paul gets the pay rise his supervisor's been talking about... if we had another flatmate, even more so.

I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.  Hopes remaining at sensible level.  Yes.  If it happens, it happens.  If it doesn't... we might be able to afford a similarly sized flat in about 20 years.

Anyway.  Weekend, woo.  Happy Birthday to flatline2010 for... yesterday?  I think.  Can't remember.  LJ told me and then I forgot.  But either way, congratulations.