April 3rd, 2006

Random - Oblivion wheels

Original title for this, please?

I realise of late that my journal is entirely comprising write-ups of increasingly similar weekends, but, well, I don't do anything.  In which case, I apologise for the tedium.

And in true form, here's another one.

On Friday, Paul was meant to be seeing some old friends for drinks, so I stayed in and... didn't do very much, as I recall.  I don't even remember what I did, but it probably involved sitting on my arse in front of the computer.  Oh, that was it, I downloaded Luxor (because the online version consitently refuses to load) and played that, with a break in between to watch My Name Is Earl - which I really enjoyed, for some reason.  The series has the potential to go on forever - assuming, that is, that it doesn't get axed in its prime, like all good American shows these days.

America - kindly stop being stupid, so the TV execs can stop cancelling all the intelligent shows.  Thank you.*

Er, yes.  Saturday morning, my mother and I traversed to West Bromwich to buy plumbing bits for the new sink, and various other things.  I got some Nytol that I'll try tonight to see if it works.  I'm currently stuffing myself full of various different pills and tablets... though admittedly, most of them are herbal.  Collapse )  Nytol is also herbal so shouldn't do any damage to me.  I love the instructions, though.  "Overdose: No cases known.  Users may become over-sedated." :D

Anyway, after that, we had lunch (egg mayonnaise + crispy bacon rolls... mmm) and settled down to watch The Corpse Bride, because my mum hadn't seen it and I was in a bad mood when i saw it at the cinema.  We got interrupted twice by phone calls - both off David - but eventually watched the whole thing.  I think I appreciated the prettiness a lot more this time around, at least.  I'll watch the extras at another time.  We were playing around with the stereo settings on David's DVD player and settled on "Hall", which makes it all echoey like you're in a concert hall. :D

After that we did our own thing for a bit, and I packed a bag to go to Paul's.  This is when things started getting annoying.

He was in Moseley having drinks with Mike, Laura and some others, and I'd already said I didn't want to have a drink or go to the pub.  Eventually I told him 'maybe' to shut him up.  I phoned him just as I was about to leave the house (about 6.00ish) and he said he'd meet me in Moseley.  I've only been to Moseley on my own on the bus about twice, and that was months ago, so I wasn't entirely enamoured with this prospect.  First he said they'd all gone to O'Neill's for food and I didn't have a clue where that was and wasn't in the mood to try and find it, so I asked him just to go home so I'd meet him there - if only to save myself going into Birmingham and out again, since I could get off the 126 at Bearwood and get the 11, as normal.

No, he said he'd meet me in Moseley, mostly because he wanted to convince me to have drinks, even though I was adamant that when I got there I'd just drag his ass back to Stirchley anyway.

So, I got to town, got on the 50, and phoned him to say I was on the way.  At which point, he tells me that he's in Kings bloody Heath and I should meet him at his house.  Luckily enough, the 50 hadn't pulled off yet, so I got off it and headed off to the 35 stop on Corporation Street.

I got on a 47, as it transpired, and texted him to say so.  He rang me when he got home and said that his mate Alex was also coming around for some reason (which I also wasn't pleased about, but that's neither here nor there) and I refused to tell him why I was annoyed over the phone.

I finally got there - running into Alex as he was leaving, luckily enough - and spent the next 15 minutes shouting at Paul.  Which was probably slightly unfair, but I'd just been all the way into bloody Birmingham and back again for no reason, and after he'd refused to take up my suggestion of going home, he then did exactly that.  Apparently, that was Alex's fault, as he'd phoned him while he was still in Moseley and made him go home.  But nevertheless, I was cold and hungry and tired, and I needed to vent.  Also, he was very slightly drunk, which didn't help matters.

After that, the weekend was far more pleasant.  Saturday night was spent watching television.  We moved the Freeview box upstairs to finish watching The 100 Greatest Actors (at least until no. 46) in bed.

Sunday was spent in a similarly laid back fashion, watching EastEnders (woo, the drama!). I got bored early in the evening, so we trekked off into town to go to the Yard of Ale to play their ItBox.  Hex Factor is bloody brilliant, if frustrating, and the Ant & Dec game also seems to pay out well.  We got more games out of it than our money's worth, anyway.

The original plan was to get food in town, but we spent so long gambling our my money away that we lost track of time.  The minimarket on Pershore Road was shut (because it was Sunday, duh) so we had pork chops and cheesy mash for tea, at about 10.45 in the evening.  Then we watched Scary Movie 3 on video, and went to bed.

Today was the usual level of tedious.  Tomorrow night I will work on the application form, as well as asking Natasha if I can put her down as a reference, since it's a typist position and she'll be the best person to give a good reference for me - she's done it completely off her own bat before now when I first threatened to leave/when they were threatening to get rid of the temps, so I'm sure she'll be glad to.  Plus Tina H, of course, who is currently off sick so I'll have to drop her an email to warn her, again, that someone might be phoning/writing for a reference.

On Wednesday we're staying at Paul's brother's house, as they're on holiday for two weeks, so that'll be nice.

This ended up rather longer than I intended.  I think I'll use up my final minutes of Luxor before bed...

*No offence to any Americans on my f-list - you're on there because you're not stupid. :)