April 4th, 2006

Farscape - Stark - hidden talents

This post is pointless.

At least, it is if you don't like Farscape.  I just found a load of old BBC message board posts that I'd saved back from the Good Old Days during seasons 3 and 4, before Auntie Beeb shut the Cult forums and before I stopped posting on them for my own sanity.

All of them are LJ-cut by episode/theme. Paul - there are definite spoilers here, so don't read it. :P

I never did get to 500 posts on that forum, alas, but my 500th post was certainly cause for celebration.  I think this must've been midway through season 3.  Also, this was back in the day when I didn't capitalise. Woo.Collapse )

During the between-season hiatus and subsequent Farscape Withdrawal Syndrome (henceforth to be referred to as FWS), Eve and I decided to form the FWSP (P for Prevention) game.  Collapse )  Of course, some idiot posted not 10 seconds later - or possibly after we initially annouced it, without the rules - to say "I'm expected to follow another poster's rules?  No thanks!".  Whatever, mate.  It's your loss. :P

This was the first week's challenge.  I don't remember how long it went on for, but we had a large list of topics, and the game really seemed to kick off and resulted in some wonderful discussion.  It was our brainchild, and we couldn't have been more pleased by the outcome.  I don't have any of the actual discussions, alas, as I only saved back my own posts (it was easier to write them in Word and copy them over, because the forum only allowed 500 words per post so it was easier to do a wordcount that way) but some of them were quite thought-provoking.  Anyway, here's the first one.

Collapse )

Of course, all of this was before the news came of the cancellation, as I know I'd already stopped posting by then.

This is the list of topics that we had planned, with our names in brackets to indicate who was posting/collating each one.  I don't remember if we got through all of them, though a struck-through version states we only got as far as number 13...  The FWSP was fun, but the worst bit was collating the information at the end.  I seem to have blocked that ordeal from my memory, and if anything, it only goes to prove that I had far too much time on my hands back then...

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To be honest, I think we'd exhausted all avenues of discussion by that point anyway... and, yeah, you can totally tell our preference for the shippy episodes. :D

In respect of question 15 about the translator microbes, I also seem to have made the following post about language in Farscape, because it was a topic that had been bugging me for a while.  It looks like it was also a discussion topic, too.

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I don't seem to have the reply I made to myself, however, but I'm sure I've explained my theory on Translator Microbes once before anyway.  And if I haven't - well, that's what the comments are for. :)

Now for some episode reviews/write-ups, which I used to post after every episode, as did everyone else.  At least mine had more substance to them than Anna Sun's ("I liked this episode.  I thought it was very good." - she was 18 frelling years old!)  There's not that many of them and they're only for seasons 3 and 4, mostly the latter.  Enjoy. :)

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LMAO.  I'm a bad, bad author, plugging away, there...

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This one was actually before the 500th one, but I wanted all the episode posts together and in order.Collapse )

If anyone's wondering, all of the "Don't yell at me" bits in relation to fic is because of a fic-war that started about a year before, during the season 2-3 hiatus.  I started a 'rolling' fic thread, and since the board's default set up was to show lots of posts (I think it was the first few posts in any given thread, though it could be changed to just the subjects... I can't really remember) all of the anti-fic readers started shouting at us because they didn't want to look at it.  Our fic - and us - were effectively driven from the board, never to darken the pages with our drivel again.  I never did forgive the poster who started it... but as I recall, he complained about everything, and was never happy, even when an episode did exactly what he'd been asking one to do the week before.  I'm so glad I don't have to deal with him any more.

We head now into Season 4 (I've lost the rest of season 3, and I'm sure I did a DWTB post, though it was most likely incoherent) and the looming end of the series...

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LJ is complaining about the length of this, so I'll have to do it in two posts...
Farscape - John&Aeryn - happiness

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Here's part two.  It's just like being back on the message board. :)

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"John Quixote" was Death By Pop Culture in the most wonderful way, y'know... I probably could have analysed it even more, but it was getting stupidly long already.

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The first post about this one, I imagine, was probably incoherent expressions of joy.  I can vividly remember literally jumping around the room and squeeing after the episode.  Collapse )

I can't remember what the abbreviation stands for.  Help?  Either way, this was in two posts...  Collapse )

"They cancelled this?" indeed.  This is the only fandom to capture my thoughts and imagination to such a degree... although having said that, I can harp on about shippiness forever, as my posts about such demonstrated.  I'm hoping, though, when I finally get around to my big X-Files re-watching, that I'll be able to think about them as much as I did for Farscape.  There are, after all, nine seasons' worth of it. :)

And, finally, with a heavy heart... Collapse )

I didn't expect it to end up as long as it did... but at least, with nifty LJ-cutting, it hasn't completely killed everyone's friendslists. :)

I hope this foray into my old fangirlishness was entertaining, anyway.