April 6th, 2006

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After the annoying traffic fiasco yesterday, the day didn't get that much better.

I was grumpy anyway, which didn't help.  At some point in the afternoon I was forced to do another post on co_workers_suck about Maxine, because she decided to phone me up to tell me not to put "Muslim" in the 'Religion' field of the front sheet, because "Islam's the religion, okay?"  So, being possibly more anal than she is, I went through all of the Asylum LACs I've typed for her, which total about 25, to find out which ones I'd done wrong.  There were four of them.  Four.  And I remember quite clearly that they were recent ones, and I'd only put 'Muslim' and not 'Islam' because she dictated it in the first place.

Oh NOES!  She had to do one minor correction on what I presume were otherwise perfect minutes.  She hasn't said anything about them, but she hasn't sent me any more snotty emails either, so I'll take that as meaning they're okay.  I don't mind doing all this extra work, but a little fucking gratitude wouldn't go amiss.  Bitch.

And then, just as I'd come back from lunch, I had Amanda yelling at me because a foster carer had rang up complaining because her address had gone out on some minutes and now the child's mother had her details.  It turned out they were minutes that I'd typed.  Amanda bitched and moaned because "we've told you before not to put the foster placement address on there" - whereas I was, god forbid, actually using my initiative and trying to check these things before typing them.  As a general rule, if the carers want their address to remain confidential, they don't put it on the bloody attendance sheet.  It's also the Social Worker's responsibility to tell someone, or put a note on CareFirst or something.

And the address, of course, was on the attendance sheet. Shafiq phoned the carer back and sweet-talked her so she's not making a formal complaint, thank God, but apparently she'd originally not put her address, and then the Social Worker had told her to put it on there after the attendance sheet had already gone around.  If anything, it makes circulating the minutes easier.  But nevertheless, it's someone's responsibility to inform the Chair, admin, someone that the address should be confidential.

From now on, I'm going to be the dumb, brainless typist they clearly think I am, and save on the aggravation.  I'm fed up of making an effort.

The evening worked out slightly more pleasant, as Paul and I spent the night house-sitting at his brother and sister-in-law's place.  They have the tiniest kitchen known to man, with a very complicated oven and no microwave.  And their biggest frying pan is about 20cm across.  But other than that, we managed to cook a nice enough meal.

Contrary to yesterday, I was in work today at about 8.35, so I left at 4.30 because I was on my own.  The day wasn't too bad, really.  We learnt from Tina H that Ladywood is the only Area Office, CP-wise, to have internet access.  We are clearly more trusted not to abuse it than SHAO or GCH. :)  Which was nice.  What wasn't nice was getting an email from Justine, the GCH typist, asking me not to send original paperwork/tapes back to her, but to Maxine directly.  In other words, Maxine was bitching about pettiness again, this time via the typist.  I've never even met the woman and I can't stand her.

But, Collapse )

I need a shower, and my teeth feel all skanky.  Which I'm sure you all really wanted to know.

MGM tomorrow at the Old Joint Stock.  Not really in the mood, but I'll make the effort anyway.

Four day week next week, and then I'm off for a week for Easter, yay.  Also, next Sunday will be mine and Paul's one year anniversary.  How's that for terrifying? ;)