April 10th, 2006

Cabaret - Maybe This Time

It's Monday afternoon - what else is this going to be about?

Friday was MGM day, which saw a grand turn out of seven people. Which I suppose is inevitable now the forum's closed. We had a very nice spaghetti bolognese (I seem to be eating far too many of those recently; can't be that healthy) for tea before heading to the Old Joint Stock, and munched on some duck spring rolls when we got back.

Watched Antony and the Johnsons on BBC2 as well, as I recall. The live performance seemed a lot more subdued than the album, with less orchestral background to it. Quite interesting...

On Saturday we headed over to Selly Oak to house-sit/spend time in Paul's brother and sister-in-law's house again (they're on holiday), via Aldi to get something for lunch. As it transpired, we ended up having the chicken soup and bread rolls on Sunday instead, because I started feeling very ill and headachey at about 2.00 and went back to bed for a lie down.

I woke up again at about 5.15 after a fitful sleep that was periodically interrupted by the bedroom door juddering. The bedroom's on the ground floor, with the front door leading directly into it, so the wind was rushing through the letter box.

We watched Elf until 7.30, and then went out in search of curry. Mmm, curry. After that, we ate said curry and watched Mars Attacks!, as I hadn't seen it in ages.

I don't remember much else. The only trouble with napping in the afternoon is it completely wipes me out a few hours later.

Sunday was spent in a similar state of inactivity watching the usual fare of EastEnders, with a break for food, Farscape and playing with Patrick's hamster. We were also hamster-sitting, you see.

Late in the afternoon, Paul also rang a man about a flat. I think we're 100% certain about going for it since the offer of paying the deposit was given, but I'll update more on that when it's certain. The offer was made whilst slightly drunk, and it's more than I initially though so I'll similarly offer to pay half of it if that offer is still on.

As it stands, though, I'm slightly scared and very hopeful about the prospect of having a lovely flat all to ourselves. Living at home has been nice, but I've had four years of independence already and it's just getting so frustrating, especially since my room is currently full of boxes that I just don't have the energy to go through, and I can barely move in there. Of course, I have doubts, like wondering if we'll end up killing each other, or I'll end up killing his friends, or we'll run out of money... but I think that's normal. I just desperately need my own space, and this is a fantastic opportunity.

Enough. I'll probably end up jinxing it. I will not mention it again until everything is set in concrete.