April 12th, 2006

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Despite being, for all intents and purposes, unmedicated, I'm feeling a lot better than I probably should be... but I suppose after the venting on Monday, that could be why.

I tried the train route again this morning and it was fine.

I also stopped off at McDonalds for breakfast. Even though I know that McDonalds only ever tastes as good as your memory neglects to remember, I have cravings for it anyway. I swear it used to taste better three years ago... maybe my body's finally rejecting it.

We went through some of David's old boxed last night; he has basically an entire house packed away at the lock-up. Paul and I now have more glasses than we know what to do with. More, I fear, than the kitchen will actually accommodate. Ah, well.

Dream post next. There might also be a ranty post in response to That'll Teach 'Em, which I watched last night, about the state of education today. Maybe. I want to try and word it more carefully than how it was swimming around my brain last night.
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That'll Teach 'Em

So, as I mentioned, I watched this last night. The theme of the show, for those that don't know, is to put modern teenagers into an old-fashioned school environment for a month to see how they cope. I saw the one a few years back that put them into a 1960s comprehensive, or 'secondary modern', as they were called. This time, they're in a 1950's boarding grammar school, and split into same-sex classes in a bid to see who does better: boys or girls.

This entry may be controversial, and it's not open or up for debate - at least, not with me. I'm just attempting to re-inject some intelligence back into my journal, if only for my own benefit, because I'm starting to feel like my brain cells are shrivelling up. Anyway, back to That'll Teach 'Em.

On a purely superficial level, it's great entertainment. These kids don't have a clue what they're letting themselves in for, and their reaction upon finding that they're going to be split up is priceless. It also goes to show that they wouldn't even survive in a modern grammar school, let alone a 1950's one.

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"Yes", I hear you shout, "it's all very well you preaching about this, but what do you have to show for yourself?" And yes, you're right. I have a grammar school education and a University degree, and I'm working in a low-paid admin job that I mostly hate, and that's so far under my abilities it's laughable. But that's not a product of my education; it's a product of myself. I'm crazy, and crazy people can't make important decisions about their futures. Until I'm such a position to think about mine, I'm going to sit here and eat my lovely cream bun.

I think I'm about done.