April 19th, 2006

Photo - leaves


Well, I finally sorted out those bloody boxes.  Two of them had stuff in that easily fit into one, and another two had stuff in that wasn't mine.  End point, the landing is now full of boxes again (empty ones, at least) and I can see my floor again.  Moved some stuff around and can't open my wardrobe all the way again, but eh, I can live with that if I can walk straight across the room to get to it instead of in a U-shape.

Yay, floor.

I dusted/cleaned my windowsill, and put all my ornaments back.  But didn't hoover, because that would have involved carrying the Dyson up two flights of stairs, which, no.

I can now allow myself to do sod-all for the remaining two days of my leave.  Hurrah.

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